Breaking Bad - GoAT?

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  1. Did you ever actually watch Breaking Bad? The show was always good, but it didn't become amazing until the second half of season two, and it stayed amazing for the rest of the show. It was still having mind blowing episodes until the very end. I suggest you actually sit down and watch it. You would like it. It's very well written and acted all the way through and never dips in quality. There are no bad episodes of Breaking Bad. It has no filler episodes. It's the perfect length and doesn't overstay its welcome. And the ending of the show totally delivers. Anyone considering making a dramatic TV show needs to thoroughly study Breaking Bad. It's the best TV show ever made by a long shot.
  2. Breaking Bad never wavered in it's quality but I'm not sure it's the best show ever. It's top 10 but not number 1. I think X-Files tops it even thought the quality was not as consistent across it's many seasons.
  3. I don't see how anyone can say the X-Files is better than Breaking Bad. X-Files is a prime example of what alterego was talking about, about how most shows can't maintain the same level of quality after a couple of seasons. No show is as consistently good as Breaking Bad, and that's what makes it the greatest show ever.
  4. Firefly was consistently good.
  5. Firefly was so boring. It took me 3 years to finish the pilot.
  6. I don't doubt that Breaking Bad is one of the better continuing storyline shows that's been made. But I do doubt that they really needed six seasons to develop the characters or tell the story. To me, the amount of time that you have to invest in it is a bit of a barrier to actually watching it, even if it is done well. 60+ hours is a lot for a story about the downside of being in the crystal meth trade.
  7. Breaking Bad only had five seasons. And the first season is a half season. By network TV standards, where shows generally pack 20-30 episodes in a season, it's pretty short. It would have only been a 2-3 season show on network TV.

    I think you would really like it. It avoids the mistakes other shows have made with their writing and acting.
  8. Well sure. You could cover crystal meth in a 30 minute PBS special but the show isn't all about meth. It's mostly about the rise and fall of the Walter White. He's a man who's believes his life is a failure and is now going to die. His transition to drug lord starts as an act of desperation and necessity to save his family but as time goes on his vanity and greed gets the better of him. The pacing of the show is excellent. Every episode is an important part of his life story. If there were any weaknesses in the show I'd say it was some of the sub plots. A lot of times they pop up but then go nowhere.

    I bet you''re one of the very few people that has seen every episode of The Prisoner. Thoughts on that?
  9. I agree with alterego... shows like Breaking Bad are exceptions in the TV landscape. Most shows devolve into caricatures of their former selves.
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