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  1. So is anyone getting this game? It looks like Team Fortress vs Mirror's Edge, should be pretty cool. I remember reading about this game back in 2009 and they were making it out to be the next big thing. Now it's out in the US (AUS 12th/UK 13th) I was wondering if anyone is getting it or has got it yet? The videos make it look cool with the parkour style of movement supposedly designed so the game can predict where you're trying to go so you can do complex movements without the equally complex controller inputs. It looks goos. I would post a video but this is all I needed to see to sell the game for me:

  2. Bethesda are simply the publisher.

    To unsell it pretty quickly, all it takes is the knowledge that the developers are the people who brought us Quake Wars Enemy Territory....
  3. I actually liked QW:ET very much. I still don't see why it wasn't so sucessful.
  4. It wasn't succesful because it was awful; a great idea that was piss poorly exectued and looked like it was thrown together sometimes. An absolutely horrendous game.
  5. I played on the beta a while back and it didn't really grab me. It just didn't seem to gel.
    Character customisation was top notch though.