Brits Say the Darndest Things

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by supersonic, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I've been watching some BBC stuff on Netflix. Some of the localized stuff they say on the shows requires urban dictionary referencing. For example,

    1. Take the piss
    2. Don't care a toss

    Obviously I can figure out the 2nd one. But the first one is outright baffling. Why would anybody want to take the piss?
  2. I need subtitles to watch Harry Potter.. and it's still hard for me to understand. True story.
  3. The second one should be Don't give a toss, not don't care a toss.

    Taking the piss = taking the mickey

    "I just paid my energy bill today, it was £300! My neighbour only pays £130 for his. That's just taking the piss!"

    Occasionally you'll it's used when you're doing a piss-take, ie mimicking someone but exaggerating the retarded bits.

    I got called foreign by an american the other day because they couldn't understand me. My asking if english was their first language was met with a puzzled expression.
  4. Taking the piss aka Taking the Mickey. Making fun of someone. Overstepping the mark. Generally going too far and taking liberties. For example if you offered someone a couple of Jaffacakes and they take 10, they're taking the piss.
  5. It's don't give a toss, you WANKER.
  6. And it's COULDN'T CARE LESS. You twats!
  7. I knew you'd mention that again.
  8. gosh I am so confused... what did I just do???? o/0
  9. i like how you used a british expression to explain a british expression. i don't think you really explained that to any american here.
  10. I couldn't understand Phisix or Monsly back when we played MW2 together. Your accents are ridiculously heavy and I didn't understand some of the expressions.

    I'm sure Americans sound awful to brits too. A lot of American accents even annoy me. Southern accents make you sound like a retard, and people from Massachusetts and Maine also have very annoying accents.
  11. It's a bit hard to explain when you guys have no idea what we're on about.

    Taking the piss is like making a mockery of something.
  12. so it has nothing to do with urine or bukakke...

    When I read that I was thinking: WTF is taking the mickey??
  14. I hate any accent that pronounces water as if it's wadtah.
  15. Would you like a glass of wadda?
  16. only if you take the piss out first
  17. I also notice what I perceive as incorrect grammatical use of "isn't it?"

    Seems to tag onto ends of sentences where it doesn't fit right. Reminds me too much of Fox News when they insult someone and cover it up by posing it as a question.

    Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya, isn't it?
  18. You bloody what!? Jog on son before you get murked, innit.
  19. I cannot remember if you talked with us. Surely we weren't that hard to understand? You think we are bad, you should hear our youth these days.