Browser Wars

Discussion in 'Technology' started by cmdrmonkey, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Which browser do you use and why?

    I used to be a big fan of Firefox, but I've switched almost entirely over to Chrome in the last year or so. It starts up much faster and has a cleaner, more intuitive interface. I also like how it integrates with Android.
  2. I use Chrome too, tis fast and has a fantasticly clean UI.

    Firefox 5 is out now but haven't tried it yet, did try FF4 and found it too congested compared to Chrome.
  3. Firefox just seemed to get more bloated and flaky with each version. It's still light years ahead of IE, but I think Chrome is better than either of them.
  4. Chrome for me since it came out but before that it was always Firefox. Not used IE since I was 16/17.
  5. IE8 for Netflix (browsing and watching), Firefox for everything else.
  6. I stopped using Firefox when it was preventing me from accessing PVCF1 properly, I tried chrome and have seen no reason to go back. I likey.
  7. IE8/9 for banking and other online services, Opera for anything else.
  8. Chrome or Firefox... every once in a while I get kooky and try Opera but...
  9. Chrome 50% Home browser
    FF 30% Work browser
    IE 20% Mostly use for work software designed to run on IE
  10. Its official, if you use IE you are stupid!
  11. IE is a total disaster from a security standpoint, and it's slow and clunky. You'd have to be a moron to be using it when there are much better alternatives.
  12. What the heck is Camino?? I don't even know!! lol
  13. I really like IE9 - So much so that I stopped using Firefox. On my computer it's quicker than either Chrome of FF so it's now my main browser. My internet banking also hates Chrome and I have no idea why. I'm thinking theres' something in there that the security software doesn't like; Google do supposedly farm all of your browsing data

    Also, that story about IE users having lower IQ's is an elaborate hoax that mainstream media fell for hook, line and sinker
  14. Just because it's a hoax doesn't mean it isn't true.
  15. I switched to Opera today. So far, I'm loving it. It's like a soft meld of Chrome and Firefox.
  16. Opera always fails on me at some point. Always delivers, never fails... to fail. But the BT client is a nice touch :) though I never got it to work very quickly... it worked, just at a snail's pace.
  17. What's the big deal with this new Chrome feature that is supposed to download pages in advance?

    My subjective feeling is that it actually works slower than the previous version. Pages load slower and there's much more noise coming from the HDD. The feeling can be misleading as I do not use Chrome often, just downloaded the 13.X to check this new feature.
  18. I dunno. Sounds interesting though.
  19. Chrome has always been so fast that I haven't noticed any difference, pages still load instantly when I click on them.