Bulletstorm Comparison

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by HellRipper, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-bulletstorm-face-off

    Dont kill me :|

  2. The Sony Whores are saying to themselves, "WTF! They're stupid! They should've used the Uncharturd Engine! I'm not buying anything from these devs."
  3. No Steve us PS3 owners will compare it to another FPS which is fairer, how about the KillZone 3 engine. Which looks better now?
  4. Bulletstorm looks nicer then KZ3, atleast if you compare to the PC version.
  5. well obviously but I think we were comparing consoles where KZ3 easily triumphs.
  6. I'm sick of having to settle for an inferior version of a game (ps3 version) because my mates have ps3s and not 360s. damn them!
  7. Well just do what I do, buy mainly PS3 exclusives and only multi plats that you really really want if they're done right ie. Dead Space 2.

    The PS3 exclusives are graphically on another level to multi plats anyway including the sub HD on both platforms Crysis 2.
  8. If you can't tell Scart from composite then I somewhat doubt you'll notice the minor differences between most multiplatform games.
  9. A quote from the dev;


  10. That i want :D
  11. the difference isn't always in quality, it may be clipping, stuttering, or even framerate issues that make your character move a little slower.
  12. It was a flippant counter. But we are hardly talking about a gulf in quality when it comes to most multiplatform games between PS3 and 360, especially compared to last gen.
  13. Some people have too much money :)
  14. I got round to playing the demo yesterday (ps3) and I was thouroughly underwhelmed. I played it a total of 4 times and I have to admit it did get much more fun (and therefore better) each time I re-played it. I'll play it some more after work. I don't like the way the main guy sounds WAAAY too much like Marcus Fenix. Don't like that.