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  1. I can't stop playing this demo. Seriously, if you've not got it yet, go download it. It's on the 360 and the PS3. It's easily one of the best demos I've played.
  2. Someone else told me I must try this - I've downloaded it but haven't tried it as yet. What's it like?
  3. Game is coming to the PC aswel. Dont se a demo anywhere though.
  4. What is this game about? A quick synopsis would be great.
  5. "Big firepower, skill shots and combos that will pucker your butthole" According to the demo.

    I also believe it called me a bitchtit and told me to preorder the game.

    It didn't really wow me.
  6. Looks abit like KillZone 3.
  7. Unlike any shooter you've ever played before.

    It's not meant to be remotely serious which makes a nice change from the flood of CoD and Medal of Honor games and it genuinely tries to do something new with a genre which has gone a bit stale. The while premise to the game is that you must "Kill with Skill" in that you can tag enemies in Combo kills and rack up high points for kicking their ass in style; if you attempt to play it like a regular shooter then you'll probably not have a very good time with it.

    For example, You can "leash" enemies and pull them towards you giving you time to either tag a grande to their heads for a "Grenade Gag" award (+250) points or you can kick them in the air towards spikes jutting out of the wall for a "Voodo Doll" score (+100). My personal favourite is shooting enemies in the nuts and then "Mercy" killing them as they are down. But you get points for doing anything; get a flare in an ememies mouth (firework), blow off all their limbs (surgeon) or kill them with a shot to backside (rear entry).

    It sounds a bit twisted, and it is; totally. It's batshit insane and it's refreshing to see someone do something new with an FPS. I love it, it's a definate purchase for me if only because you can do all of the above in Multiplayer too.

    It calls you "dick-tits". I guess you need to have lots of friends playing the game in order to try and score highly; we're having a mini-competition to see who can get highest up the leaderboard and it's got me hooked. I've managed to score 13000 points or so far.

    Yes. Because "realistic" shooters are all about fun aren't they.
  8. Might give it a go on PC if a demo comes out. I love shooters with a bit of humour over serious shooters these days. Although the only recent shooter I've played that wasn't dead serious would be Borderlands.
  9. I was considering getting it just for the Gears 3 beta access, but it seems a good plus if its actually fun. I'll give the demo a go some time.
  10. I dunno, it seemed pretty average to me. The leash was kinda fun but I don't know. I'll give it another go later.
  11. Seriously, get it. Try something new. I really enjoyed it when i got into it. Seriously, how many FPS's do you want to play like this?

  13. Did you just link to a parody video by the Bulletstorm developers in the Bulletstorm thread?

    This trailer is cool. Bulletstorm looks like it's trying to out-Duke mr Nukem.

  14. I'm playing this now (free on PS+ and I'm off work ill). Have to say it's been a lot of fun so far - quite like the pacing, which has been pretty nimble so far. The kill points system works well - makes you approach things differently. I guess I'm about a 3rd of the way through, so it's early days. Still, I'd say it's worth picking up if you see it cheap.