buying gold in those days

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  1. Buying gold in those days is a fashion ,as i can see.Are you seeing tv and radio commercials even in car announcing with loudspeakers that they buy gold?
    Are you seeing this in your area? they arrive to your house,home by home trying to find and get your precious metal.
    Why this is happening?
  2. The price of an ounce of gold usually rises during times of economic crisis due to worries about debt and fiscal stability. Many people consider gold to be a safer commodity investment if other markets are in crisis. And, of course, your average citizen is probably going to have some financial difficulties as a result of an economic crisis and looking to make extra money...thus, the market for selling gold jewelry at a percentage of it's market value to gold resellers.

    There are also some changes to the gold investment market from the George Bush era that increased the likelihood of gold bubbles. Big surprise. It's all about creating bubbles these days. Nothing more.