Call of Duty Devs Called \"Lazy\" by DICE

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Interesting.

    Since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the games have been similar every time. Activison need to try or new things to this series before it becomes another E.A annual release update game.
  2. Too late on that. They fired all of the devs from Infinity Ward who made the Call of Duty series what it was. From now on it's just going to be annual shitfests from Treyarch.

    Besides, I've been playing a lot of BFBC2 lately, and it's a much better multiplayer game than anything in the Call of Duty series. I'm really looking forward to Battlefield 3.
  3. They arent exactly lazy, they just went the console route.
  4. Treyarch are lazy. They make half-assed shitty games.
  5. But they sell more then the whole BF series, thanks to the consoles.
  6. Since when have sales been indicative of quality?
  7. Treyarch are just farmed out to take on whatever license Activision wants them to. They did some spiderman games before doing the odd COD.

    Perhaps PC players should buy more games, if a game on one generation of consoles outsells the entire BF series.
  8. Am not saying that, but the developers just know its gonna sell anyway, either it be crap or not, they can just copy paste MW2 and rename it MW3, the console gamers buy it anyway.

    @ Chi

    Perhaps developers should make the games like they were being made many years ago on the PC. Sales probally raise.
  9. Well if the developers put in all the effort but don't get good return then they're not going to bother nest time.

    What's different about PC games now and PC games back then?
  10. Sigh, cmdrmonkey explained in this topic, did you even read?
    Aswel did i, on this page even.
  11. So how are old PC better games better than current PC games?
  12. DICE's older Frostbite Engine was already more impressive than the CoD engine. Battlefield 3 will blow the upcoming CoD games away. DICE's BF:BC2 was already better than MW2 before Treyarch took over in my view. Now that IW is gone, I can't see CoD hanging with BF except in sales. CoD is like the McDonald's of the FPS, made of low quality ground up bits that no one would eat but labeled with a well-known brand name that generates massive sales. CoD is a compelling series for the mouthbreathing idiot demographic.
  13. They were complex, innovative, and designed around the strengths of PC hardware.
  14. innovation is dead now?
  15. Some indie devs and a few companies like Valve and Blizzard are still innovative, but for the most part, yes. Games are getting just as bad as Hollywood movies. MW2 was like the video game equivalent of an over-CGI'ed summer crapfest.
  16. Lazy people are annoying.
  17. I thought the Modern Warfare part of Call of Duty were Infinity Ward's rights? If so, they can start their own Modern Warfare series? If not. Damn, a good developer gone for that series.
  18. Activision owns the rights, so it's finished.
  19. Ah, that is annoying. I really enjoyed the Modern Warfare's. World at War was a piece of crap and Black op's was okay but just a clone with a different story. Guess I may just jump to the next Battlefield.

    Although, Infinity Ward can just start their own FPS series if they are still together and then smash the Call of Duty series to get one over on Activision.
  20. they did so already when they were with ea. they were known as 2015 and did a title you may know of called medal of honor allied assault.. doing that twice is possible but not so easy now