Call of Duty: Ghosts

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  1. Going new, just like Modern Warfare 1.

    End of Modern Warefare then, or just on the back burner?
  2. The real Infinity Ward hasn't existed for years at this point (the creators of Call of Duty left after Modern Warfare 2), so who's actually making this?
  3. It takes them 6 years to make a new game engine...

    The teaser trailer doesn't show anything from the game.. but at the end of the trailer is suggests game footage will show at Microsoft's XBOX unveil on the 21st.

  4. Right. I expect it to be like MW1 with some MW2 and a touch of MW3. And lots of AA. It will probably have like 12xAA. Maybe more.
  5. Sledgehammer games (co-developers of MW3) have denied involvement so I think it's just Infinity Ward. Well, the remains of Infinity Ward probably with new crew members I would think.
  6. Some people are positing the idea that this might be a rainbow six style squad based cod game which would at least stop all the whining bitches shouting about how it's just the same thing every year.
  7. So now it's the same thing as a game from 1998? Much better...
  8. I'm thinking much more loosely to brothers in arms style. I can't imagine the cod fanbase being into rainbow six style gameplay.
  9. The original Rainbow Six always seemed great at the planning stage. Things always went wrong once the mission started. I'm sure I just ended up soloing missions. Wasn't there some sort of police spin off of that series?
  10. Yeah pretty much. My team would always get gunned down, and I'd forget about stealth and just go around blasting dudes with a shotgun. It was actually pretty hilarious how badly any planning would fall apart on the actual missions.
  11. I would welcome it. COD always have great stories, so adding that to a new type of gameplay would be a nice change. COD fanboys can wait for the next normal COD style game if they dont like it.
  12. Have you played the original Rainbow Six series? I don't think you mean it if you have. It's extremely slower paced, and you'd literally die in 1 or 2 shots. Sometimes before even seeing who hit you. This is why Ubisoft moved away from this style gameplay in the newer Rainbow Six series. I'm not even sure COD players can handle the pacing of the Rainbow Six Vegas series.

    I'd say Ghost Recon Future Soldier style would be something more similar that a COD fan could digest.
  13. Then I don't know. Maybe a hybrid of the RS and COD style, I don't know. I enjoyed Vegas.
  14. Brothers in Arms was the game I mentioned earlier but I don't think a lot of people had a chance to try it back in the day. It was one of Gearbox's bigger efforts pre-borderlands.

    That's a decent example of what the gameplay was like. I heard BLOPS2 had something similar to this.