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  1. I think we have a few camera nuts right? I want to get the Canon SX50. Should I look at something else? Should I go with a entry level DSLR? I don't think I'll get obsessive about lenses and what something semi-convenient. I'll be shooting everything. Birthday parties, mountains, birds, UFOs.
  2. That thing is $370 on Amazon. You aren't going to get an entry-level DSLR without an extra $150-300 more. That 50x zoom is really the standout feature, and what your choice comes down to. I once used a 20x zoom to get closeup pics from the nosebleeds at a sporting event. At 50x optical would be awesome for stuff like that, if the pic quality holds up.

    Two things to keep in mind. The 20x zoom looked like a gun barrel slowly extending outwards, and probably came out to 6 inches from the base. Might be similar at 50x. Also, unless you have incredible lighting for high shutter, you are going to need to be very still or use a stand to stabilize the picture.
  3. The zoom is insane. You can photograph things a mile away. I've read some negatives about low light situation but that's about it. I don't think I'm ready to drop $1k on a DSLR with a small zoom lens yet.
  4. Holy shit! That is borderline scary and looks like something out of a Bond movie. I would get it and try your luck as paparazzi. A slickdeal on a DSLR will probably run you $600+.
  5. I've seen sample shots of that camera taking shots of the craters on the moon. it's super impressive.

    but at the same time, I've been seeing the canon rebel t3i bundled with a bag and the 75-300mm lens for $429. dunno if its still going on but this was at target.
  6. That would be a heck of a deal for a t3i. B&H photo has them on sale for $599 with the 75-300mm and 18-55mm. Normal price would be about $800

    I was able to get a SX50 with a class 6 16GB card for $330 at Buydig.
  7. Shell out for the Eye-Fi, it's worth the $99 for the pro x2. A big downside to DSLR is that they take CF instead of SD, and are incompatible with eyefi wifi memory.
  8. Neat but $99 seems a bit much for wifi.
  9. Ok Grim. You can possibly get by on the $60 one, the $99 one uploads RAW files which your camera might not do, and is typically related to DSLR.
  10. Am I the only one that can't see grim's posts in this thread?
  11. I see them just fine. Must be you.
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    Before this post I hadn't posted anything in this thread.
  13. It seems like a great idea but the reviews on those things aren't very good.
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    So who's supersonic talking to?
  15. He probably doesn't even know, probably tired.
  16. I think he was implying that grim is a thrifty spender.
  17. I dispute that. I purchased some pillows and some drinking glasses yesterday..... in the sales......
  18. I thought supersonic's sly jibe worked well. The confusion it's caused subsequently only adds to it.
  19. I think he meant bfun. 'Grim' is just our pronoun for tightwad.
  20. Ah, makes sense. A monsly is what we call a walking disaster