Casey Heynes - The Coolest Kid on the PLANET!! Awesome VIDEO

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  1. I don't know if any of you have seen this video yet but seriously, this is the coolest thing I've ever seen.

    This is the story of Casey Heynes, a 16 year old from Australia who had enough of taking shit from the other kids in school and fought back. Watch the video and see just how he showed the toerag who's been tormenting him for years just what happens when you finally push someone over the edge.

    YouTube keep taking the video down but it's a must see. Honestly, I bet the bully in this shot doesn't go back to school after this wrestling style whooping he got. By all accounts the kid who got dropped broke his shin and nose..nice.

    Unfortunately, despite the video showing that the lad only acted after being provoked, (and by provoked I mean, punched in the face and stomach several times), it seems Casey is facing criminal charges.

    What a crock of shit.

    Be warned, it's pretty brutal....
  2. That video isn't working, but it's still up on youtube in some places:

    I always tell kids that's what you do to bully. Beat the ever living shit out of them and they'll never bother you again.
  3. I wonder if the video works cos it's in my cache...weird. It's shit that YouTube would keep taking that down; I've seen far worse on that site.

    That kid totally got what he deserved. I only wish he'd clotheslined the bullys friend who came up after the scrawny kid got smeared on the floor.

    I think it's a shocking state of affairs though when someone who's been bullied the way that young kid has faces charges because he finally snapped after all that torment.

    Lol at the kids face though as he comes into the camera...guess he feels kinda stupid letting his buds film his bullying now..
  4. Video works, its just odd how you have to start it. You have to wait some seconds and click somewhere and it will eventually give you the option to play it.
  5. He punched that kid in the face twice. Even adults would have retaliated by then. Fair play to the kid, he will not be bullied now.
  6. Some of the forums and news have taken to calling him "Little Zangief"...I hope nothing happens to the lad for standing up for himself.
  7. Haha, its the bastards own fault, hence, he deseverved even more, after all those years.
    Did it remind any of you of a tekken move aswel? lol
  8. In elementary school I was the anti-bully. I'd help out kids who were being bullied, usually by waiting until the bully was out of sight on the playground and beating the fuck of them until they promised to stop.

    I ended up in the principal's office one time for punching a bully in the face and giving him a bloody nose, but I was never arrested or anything.
  9. I also forgot to mention he blocked two of his punches too. he may just hate fighting or something, until he got pushed that far anyway.

    He should have gave him more beatings after he smashed that little twat on to the concrete. Smashed teeth to cement not bullying him ever again.
  10. Above the law.
  11. This video was truly epic.

    The best bully beatdown I've seen was this one:
  12. That fat wannabe gangster kid was such a loser. He really does fight like a little girl. Probably why he had a gun. I would have just beaten him to death. No jury would convict you since he pulled a gun and it's all on video.
  13. Idiot. Don't pull a gun unless you plan to fire it. Any cop would have shot him right there.

    Also, if you force someone to move at gun point like that it's considered kidnapping.
  14. Youtube video from this topic got deleted, for people that havent viewed it yet and want youtube.

  15. One of the funniest videos ever.