Cats - WTF

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  1. I don't really like or understand cats so maybe someone here can provide some insight. We have a cat. The cats normally pretty cool and had very few issues for the first year after we adopted it. Then one day it decides to pee on the bed while were sleeping in it. We assumed it was an accident or something but then it happened again and again. Now the cat gets thrown across the room if it even steps on the bed. Since it can't pee on our bed any more it's taken to peeing on the dog's bed. WTF is wrong with this cat?
  2. Cats are predators. It sensed you're not the apex predator of the house and pwned you and then your dog.
  3. My family had a cat and a dog when I was a kid and the cat would get put outside at night. In the winter, he'd sleep in the garage. That was a pretty good solution for not having any territorial shenanigans at night. Cat didn't seem to mind, and the dog loved seeing the cat have to go out.
  4. Were you able to establish dominance over your cat? Presumably flinging it about the room took. Unfortunately, your dog probably stands no chance. Most dogs are scavengers and stay away from aggression. In my observation the pecking order typically goes:

    Adult human > cats > young humans > other pets

  5. There is a weird dynamic between the cat and my dogs. The cat and the largest dog hate each other and both play alpha. They get along until they get within 12 inches of each other. If that happens one or the other initiates an attack sequence that ends in a draw or dog win. The cat made the medium size dog it's bitch. That dog is scared of the cat and sometimes she hits him just to remind him of whose boss. The cat has an entirely different relationship with the small dog who is still a pup. He chases her, slobbers on her, pushes her over and she doesn't mind at all.