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  1. This will function just like the chatroom on the original PVCF.

    Post off-topic discussion that doesn't belong in other threads here.
  2. Right, well I made it over ok. Hopefully this forum will pickup steam quickly. Otherwise I might have to steal all of monsly's threads.
  3. If we could have dumped the last forums database we'd have had all of the posts and it'd have at least been a new kicking off point for this one. However, since the regulars are good at posting I think we'll have something decent in no time at all.

    I was going to start working on the main site now but I really need to go to bed. I was working until 1.30am, didnt hit the hay until 2am and then went to the gym at 7am...I'm totally wrecked; I'll sleep and then I'll set about the main website.

    I think this forum is looking good though. Almost minimalist; does what it needs to and I like that a lot.
  4. If I remember correctly, Steve said sharing his database would be against his terms of service. I'm not sure if that's true or if he just didn't give a crap any longer. We do sort of have access to it through the museum, but there's not a great way to search.
  5. Clean forums are the way forward. I have been in some cluttered forums and they are hard to navigate, load slow and you can get confused. We just need a better colour layout for this forums and we are set. Can you mod a way that we can see the last 10 posts/threads like on PVCF?
  6. Just click on "new posts" at the top of the page. Same functionality.

    I know exactly what you mean about cluttered forums. It's why I switched this over from phpBB to punBB.

    I have no artistic ability, which is why I didn't even attempt to change the look of the forums. If someone else wants to have a go at it, I'm fine with it. But it won't be me.
  7. This forum is really clean and easy to use, so migrating was a great idea. Just a few upgrades and we will be perfect. Let the good times commence.
  8. Only 14 people signed up so far, where's everybody else?

    [edit] Wow, I sure spend a lot of time on here...
  9. It worries me how oblivious some people are. Take Arande for instance. He ignored all the announcements and started posting at the free forum.

    I kind of wonder if there are people who weren't even aware the original site was going offline and just went there this weekend to find it gone.
  10. I was thinking the same exact thing. There were actually still quite a bit of regular posters that just kept posting like normal, no post in the the End of Days thread, just like business as usual for them.

    But people will be people. I've seen this type of stuff happen way too often in my lifetime.
  11. There should have been some sort of email bulletin letting people know about the closure and had a link to the new place. God knows that free forum had enough bloody emails coming to me because apparently posting in a thread equals "I want you to email me all the bloody time about it"
  12. Well as long we have a main core lot, we will be fine. We just need to be able to bring in new members. I look forward to the day when we have a forum alive with a lot of people.
  13. The free forum sucked balls. And in a couple of weeks when everyone has migrated I'm probably going to shut it down.
  14. Will there be a Museum?
  15. "Steve Jobs" huh? Maybe you should start a new forum tradition by naming everyone after the CEO's of the products they use, although it would probably get confusing with all the Howard Stringer, Steve Ballmer, and Eric Schmidt/Larry Page tags that would instantly generate. :rolleyes:
  16. Your name is alterego, and I think we all know which CEO you're the alter ego of :p

    Edit: I'm not trying to be mean or anything. I'm just glad you came over. If you want a different name bring it up in the ranks thread.
  17. Hey guys. This is our new home eh? Nice. I have to say I love this quick reply feature that was also in the refugee camp. Here's to many more years of PVCF!
  18. Welcome aboard armadeadn, make sure to check in on the GT5 and GT5 photo thread and post interesting stuff
  19. ROFL. No, I think the free forum is better forgotten. It served its purpose.
  20. Is it possible to leave it open but locked? Might be good to leave it up as a back-up until we know that were stable.