Chicken Nuggets

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  1. In my world, this only applies to McNugguts. Not the delicious spicy nuggets at Wendy's. Those are made from the finest meats in all the land.

  2. You use that exact same stuff (bone, skin, connective tissue, dark meat, etc) to make broth for chicken soup, which most people consider healthy. I fail to see a difference, and at least you're using all of the animal instead of throwing it away.

    People eat a lot of processed shit, but I think this is a poor example. High fructose corn syrup is way worse for you than anything in a chicken. That shit is instant Type 2 Diabetes and they pump it into everything. It also tastes like crap compared to cane sugar, especially in soda.

    I'd still eat the nuggets. Dark meat is some of the best tasting stuff on the chicken.
  3. I liked how crunchy mcnuggets are, but I didn't realize this was why.
  4. I thought it was gonna be the nuggets made out of chicken fetus story...

    Like how the kids were all just following the leader. If those first two didn't raise their hands none of them would.
  5. My mate said after watching a documentary about cola cola where he learned what goes into it he'll never drink another one again. It tastes good to me so I say sod it, keep drinking!
  6. Most of the meat I eat comes from the family butchers but I don't mind the odd processed nugget although I do tend to go for the 100% breast ones now.

    I have pretty much stopped eating hotdogs and would rather put a proper sausage in a bun, hotdog sausages are pure MRM and there is only so far I will go with processed foods.
  7. we don't use the butcher, but we do occasionally buy from the local grocery store deli, who probably uses the butcher. And occasionally Safeway's deli... which is actually California Kitchen :).
  8. This was disgusting to me yesterday night, after I had eaten dinner. Now that I am hungry this morning, I could go for some McNuggets.
  9. were you one of those kids?? lol
  10. What is in it?
  11. Follow up to my diarrhea fiasco. I haven't eaten anything since Saturday and lost about 8-10lbs since then. I think I got my appetite back though. I ate like 10 pieces of potato chips for my lunch. I haven't had a buttpee session since Sunday night. Well, nothing to push out of my system really.

    Reading this thread makes me want to stop by chicfila for some of their nuggets.
  12. Chicfila spicy chicken is greatness. The chicken nuggets come a close second.
  13. One of the comments by some British person called American kids "nugget munching retards." I lol'ed hard at that.
  14. I had what I think was the Norwalk Virus one time, and my experience was similar except it was coming out both ends for days. I eventually had nothing left to vomit and started puking up bile. Between puking and shitting myself I was chugging gatorade because I was so dehydrated. My wife brought it back from some conference in Las Vegas where nearly everyone got sick.
  15. I got that virus from going to a conference. Good times, happy memories. I remember my boss being suspicious but soon realised I was telling the truth when a load of others went down with it.
  16. If I remember my virology course, the original recorded outbreak was on a cruise ship where everyone started puking and shitting themselves. It's highly contagious and causes some of the nastiest gastroenteritis a person can get. Fun times.
  17. Sounds horrendous. Luckily I have yet to contact any illness that makes me shit myself and puke at the same time.
  18. I got in the habit of sitting on the toilet with a puke bucket when I had it.

    At one point I actually shit my pants because I didn't make it to the bathroom in time. It was the worst diarrhea I've ever had. It was horrendous. I was so dehydrated I thought seriously about going to the ER and getting put on an IV.
  19. A girl who ate nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years was rushed to the hospital after collapsing.

    Oh, and before you Brits say anything about American nugget munching retards, this was in the UK.

  20. Since it is a dailyfail article we know its about an English person you goon. :p

    How the hell is she still slim after only eating that crap. Weird.