Christians Against Dinosaurs

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  1. Not sure if troll or real. Possible reverse troll, or even a double reverse troll. Sadly her scarf covered the goods in the second video so I actually listened to her explain the aerodynamics of leather jackets. I'm starting to question her Dino-denying sincerity.

    Well it's hitting the major news sites now. Even they can't tell if this is a troll job.

    Her 'group' is called Christians Against Dinosaurs .
  2. I blame the public schools for not having nearly enough dinosaur content when I was a child. It forced me to kill millions of brain cells watching Land of the Lost.
  3. My friend has a sister that doesn't believe in dinosaurs. She believes it's brainwashing or something. I was told under no circumstance to bring up the subject of dinosaurs around her.
  4. I find it hard to believe that people like this can actually believe what they do. Whether this girl is real or not there are some real crazies out there.

    I saw some on the BBC show the big question recently where the topic was something along the lines of 'is religion relevant today' and some were convinced the earth was only a few hundred years old.

    Religion only makes people ignorant, if it doesn't fit their idea in any way then it is simply wrong, they refuse to even consider they could be wrong.
  5. Is it crazy? I only believe in Dinosaurs because enough people tell me they were real. I've never seen one or dug up a T-Rex myself. Heck. 90% of everything I know about the world has been told to me by someone else. Maybe Weird Al was right.
  6. Well I've never dug up human remains of murdered humans, does that mean it never happens?? FUCKIN NEWS SITES LYING TO ME.
  7. Wow. That's the most "khaid" like post you've made since like 2 forums ago.