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  1. Only dirty hippies and people in third world hellholes don't get their kids circumcised.
  2. Seems weird to me. Doesn't it cut down on sexual enjoyment quite a bit? Sure I read something about it on another thread regarding this. I'd google more but I dread the results; that's why I've not google image searched 'blue muffin' yet. I hear...unpleasant things regarding it.
  3. Wrongens!
  4. I was mostly trying to incite people to anger over dirty penises. It worked in another forum. And the results were hilarious.
  5. Has anyone looked up blue muffin out of interest? I still haven't.

    In another forum I go the circumscion thread got very heated indeed. A bit weird if you ask me.
  6. America is changing. 40 years ago it is was like 98% circumcised and now it like 60%.
  7. [​IMG]

    Losing a piece of your manhood. No thanks, it is weird.
  8. I guess it's mostly an American thing. From the little bits of information I've been able to gleam from tv and mustard packets America is 40% Jewish origin, 40% Irish origin and 40% African origin so I guess quite a large chunk have disfigured their penis with circumcision. I don't think I've ever met any English Jews.
  9. It's a WWI thing. After the Americans came home from the war their dicks fell off from infections they got in the trenches. After that uncircumcised became unclean and even taboo.

    Now I'll admit that seems odd considering there weren't as many Americans fighting in the trenches as there were Europeans.
  10. I only thought Jews did it. That's the last time I use references from South park.
  11. Medical video on how circumcisions are done

  12. Actually, most of Europe doesn't randomly and unnaturally mutilate their child's penis. Europe is pretty awesome compared to the US. Even the Northerners up in Canada don't chop their kid's dicks off as much. Shit, even Catholics don't touch their children. I think it's an Amerikan Zionist Protestant thing- trying to get back to the "Jewish" roots of Christianity. I'm circumcised myself, but that doesn't mean I'll be carrying on this creepy ritual for my future ancestors.

    A woman shouldn't judge based on whether a man is cut or not either because it wasn't his choice and it's not genetic. However- most women I know prefer an uncut penis for aesthetic reasons. Of course you can brainwash your society opposite, but deep inside they like it uncut and natural. Anyway it lasts longer uncut because it's not so sensitive.

    Furthermore, I wonder what psychological effects it has on children growing up or even at birth. They come into this world in a cold doctor's office and then experience immense pain... I wonder too what growth problems it might experience.

    Needless to say I'm against it and I think all European or white men should be too since it's not our custom. Not even during the Catholic conversion of Europe did we ever circumcise ourselves. Seems like some type of enslaving mechanism to me... Just my random thoughts :lol:
  13. You're thinking of blue waffle, not blue muffin.

  14. You're too late; Khaid already got me with that image.
  15. i think circumcision is not for everybody.
  16. You mean to tell me you actually clicked any links in this thread? This backfired on me though, I was traumatized well into the night trying to troll you.
  17. Rotten potatoes stink proper.
  18. That image gets worse everytime I've realised. I'm fleeing this thread for good.
  19. Circumcised is the way to go. It doesn't require any maintenance. I've been told foreskins have to be cleaned pretty well to prevent infection. I like that my dick is low maintenance. Plus it DOES desensitize you a little, but it just makes you have to work a little harder, which the ladies love.