Colbert still leaning to the left

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by bfun, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. I don't watch the Late show very often but the few times I did it sure seemed like Colbert was still making fun of conservatives. The latest report indicates others agree as well. Maybe his left leaning act wasn't an act. Anyway he's dropping in the rating because of it. I wonder how long before he heads to HBO or something else.

    Viewer political orientation

    Colbert 47% Democrat 17% Republican
    Kimmel 34% Democrat 33% Republican
    Fallon 31% Democrat 36%
  2. CBS is a network for grumpy old people. No one under age 55 watches it. No one with a sense of humor watches it. So no surprises he's bombing with that mostly conservative crowd. These people loved Letterman because he was bland and boring. Look at all the shows on CBS: bland, boring, formulaic, conservative. Colbert should move to HBO and go back to lampooning Faux Noise and Republicans.
  3. Stephen Colbert has always used his stage to drops truth bombs... and gives zero fucks if you laugh.

  4. How can you alienate viewers that always insist mass media is controlled by liberals? They probably shouldn't even be turning the TV on if they really believe what they're saying.