Comcast/NBC deal complete

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  1. Netflix was good while it lasted, but a federal court already ruled Comcast has the right to throttle "their" networks traffic to Netflix. Now that they are competing with Netflix with NBC/Hulu, I bet my I'm going to have "connection interruptions" on Netflix pretty often.

    GG, US Govt.
  2. Well this might suck balls.
  3. This merger never should have been allowed to go through. It creates a monopoly. No one should have control over content creation and distribution in this way, and now Comcast has a TV and Movie studio. Awesome.
  4. Who is this Comcast?
  5. They were a cable provider and ISP that had a monopoly over large parts of the US. Now they control NBC and Universal studios.
  6. So I take it that this may be the start of shite programmes and stuff?
  7. NBC already had mostly shit programming. We're worried that Comcast will throttle or block things like Netflix and Google TV that compete with cable and Hulu, which it just acquired from NBC.
  8. Woot bandwidth caps and net neutrality issues. Way to go comcast
  9. They already limit you to 250GB/month. I wonder if they're going to start tightening that down even more after this.
  10. cmdr, did you mention you were on ATT Uverse before?
  11. I was and it rocked. Then I bought a house, and the only thing available that's not pitifully slow is Comcast.
  12. What do you guys think this will mean for NBC's show lineup? At this point I don't see how it could get much worse. NBC has been a bad show factory for awhile now. They've come out with some unbelievably awful shows in the last year or two, like The Cape, The Event, Parks and Recreation, and Outsourced. I'm hoping all of those get shitcanned. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure The Event and Outsourced have already been canceled. Outsourced might be the worst scripted TV show I've ever seen. It's definitely up there with Homeboys from Outer Space and Cavemen.

    NBC needs to throw its whole show lineup in the trash and start over, as nothing is really working at the moment. Even The Office and 30 Rock are really stale and unfunny. Community isn't as bad as some of their other shit, but it's still mediocre and kind of a misfire. Maybe some good will come out of this merger if Comcast cleans up NBC.

    Unfortunately, I think what Comcast will probably do is trash NBC's whole lineup and replace everything with reality shows.
  13. I actually really like Community and will be really sad if it dies :(
  14. Community has had good episodes, but I find it wildly inconsistent. I don't think it should be canceled, but they need to get their shit together. Maybe hire some better writers. I love Chevy Chase and the dude from The Soup, but the show seems like it should be much better than it is currently.

    These all need to die in a fire:
    Parks and Recreation
    The Event
    Perfect Couples
    The Cape

    The Office is stale, but I think they're ending it soon anyway.

    NBC needs to take a hint from AMC or Showtime, and just not air shit unless it's really good. They greenlight way too many awful shows only to cancel them mid season. They must be hemorrhaging money, and it's no wonder they got bought out.
  15. I doubt Comcast is going to directly have input in movies, and tv. That would just be stupid, they just needed content to become a Netflix clone. I bet they will have Comcast internet pay-per-view by the end of the year.
  16. I love how we all despise Comcast, but half of us in this thread are using them for internet. That's a monopoly for you. Everyone thinks it sucks, but everyone uses it because they have no choice.
  17. I would never touch comcast but I'm one of the few that lives in an area full of choices. Currently using ATT Uverse, but have access to ATT's DSL, Clear, and Time Warner's Roadrunner. Verizon's site says I can also get FiOS but a family member who lives down the street from me says it isn't true if you call in.
  18. My choices are Bellsouth 1.5Mbit DSL or Comcast Fiber at up to 50Mbit. That's not much of a choice.
  19. Wow. I can either get Comcast cable internet, or dial up.
  20. Actually, I think it's relevant to say that I live in Raleigh now which is pretty huge for telecommunications now. It was even an early market for sprint's/clearwire's wimax (4g).

    When I lived in Orlando, there really wasn't much choice like this. Forget Verizon's FiOS. ATT Uverse said they were in Orlando, but obviously not greater Orlando. So I had RoadRunner which isnt bad at all. When I left, the townhouse I lived in had roadrunner turbo for like $55 a month for 12Mbps downstream. This was in November. My friend said they just recently boosted the speeds and he's getting 24Mbps a sec now. Still unlimited too.

    I really hope Comcast gets mega backlash. This should not be the way the industry goes.