Commodore 64 returns!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Apr 7, 2011.

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    So you can use it as a PC, and you can play the old Commodore 64 classics. I like.
  2. So it's basically a netbook running an emulator? Meh.
  3. 10 PRINT "meh"
    20 GOTO 10

    If it had a cassette deck then I might consider it.
  4. If I had a cassette deck I would smash it....

    I honestly believe anyone who gets nostalgic about putting in a cassette, starting the load sequence and then goes and going to do something else for 15+ minutes while it loads is a tit!
  5. Really, Grim? I remember waiting hours for a game to load when I had one back when I was 5. Bad times.
  6. It's not an authentic experience without long loads. I may get my C64 out just to spite you.
  7. If you do I hope you have to resolder the contacts to at least 1/2 of the keys! I remember a point where my dad had to take the thing apart at least once a month as another key lost its contacts.
  8. The failed loading was the best bit. I almost completed Gauntlet back in the day but it failed to load the last levels. Bastard.
  9. I never encountered this issue, you must have had a dud console.

    I only ever met one person who had a cartridge based game for it (it might have even been some sort of compilation with 4 games on it), I almost fell off my seat when I saw it load something QUICKLY!
  10. You were lucky then; had a friend whose machine failed to load about 1 in 5 games. Awesome stuff.
  11. $895 for the high end one? That dual core atom might be somewhat decent since it's sporting a blu-ray. Still seems kind of expensive though.. good god.
  12. Would a high-end smartphone be faster then this Atom machine?