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  1. Seeing how all the good old games got teared apart by the consoles, my eye catched on a blogger on GameSpot who wrote about this fact.


    The CoD series, Battlefield's, Crysis/Far Cry games, the allmighty Fear series, just to name a few. They all got into the console style, ive seen this coming for years, but now it seems more and more people are talking about it and seeing it. Even certain developers are noting it (DICE for example, and Valve).

    Games like UT99, Quake 3, Dues Ex, System Shock 2, BF1942/BF2 and its mods, Half Life, and the like, most people miss 'em too.

    Some games also never saw the light again (MS Flight Simulator, AoE etc), if that is thanks to consoles i dont know, but chances are that MS took the console route and ditched everything PC.

    Theres still hope for the future, am not saying we wont see pc gaming back as it should be, but we could see some improvements.
  2. It appears someone else has confused the development of game design with 'consolitation'. What a fucking idiot.
  3. DICE said the same thing, so they are idiots, lol
    If you maybe look around abit, you might have noticed that pretty many people are 'complaining' about it.

    Hell even cmdrmonkey said it somewhere here, so hes an idiot too, lol
  4. I don't doubt there are plenty of fucking idiots in the world. No doubt it may surprise you to learn that the most popular things tend to be designed to appeal to the greatest number of people. Games have evolved over time and now have further appeal to a wider audience. The consoles aren't the cause for this shift in design; the modern market for games is the reason. Joe Public prefers Modern Warfare to Deus Ex? Hold the front page.

    If, in some bizarro world, the PC and console positions were reversed then you'd see the same fucking thing. I like some niche genres and classic games which offered more depth. Why don't I see the more of these games I like? Is it because of consoles or because there's more lucrative markets for publishers to go for? I fucking wonder.
  5. why are you so mad, monsly
  6. I don't think that's something to be happy about. You're celebrating the dumbing down of video games. Is it any wonder no one respects our hobby? Is it any wonder it hasn't gained the same kind of recognition as other mediums, like film?
  7. Yes, the consoles are the reason the games became as they are now on the PC (for the consoles, well, theive allways bin this way)
    The consoles are aimed for the casual market, and there the money is to earn, so developers build their games with the console people in mind, and those people in general are more casual, younger, or kids.

    Just look at CoD, or Crysis 2, console people are amazed by a game that pales in comparison to Crysis 1 in every regard, from graphics to MP. God we will miss power struggle.

    All this is thanks to the limits of the consoles, the graphics, server browsers, complexity, max player cap, etc.
  8. The great PC games are only put on the consoles for one reason; for people who can enjoy them on another system they have.

    Indeed. They may lack that which the PC can offer, but at least they can play them. As a console gamer I never get to Play half-Life 2 and F.E.A.R, but once they came on the consoles I could. You see? And then Half-life 2 become one if not my best loved FPS. Every bit become more exciting and fun for me, all up until the explosive and cliffhanger ending.

    Is it so bad if these games are on all platforms so all the masses can play?
  9. No offcourse that is not bad, IF they would develop it for the PC first, taking advantage of the more powerfull platform, and then port it over to the hardware-limited consoles (and their networking systems, controls, etc).

    Guess that isnt so cost-effective, for the devs.
  10. But those games I spoke of above and most of the others were on the PC first, right? Though the newest Call of Duty's. F.E.A.R 2 and Crysis 2 were designed for the consoles?

    I don't mind either way as long as I get to play them in the end.

    I guess this would be the reason. More money is to be saved or made with console versions. Especially as consoles are more popular and played these days I guess.
  11. Yep, those games were designed with the consoles limits in mind.
    And yes consoles are casual, that means a wider market = more cashing, and thats whats important, for developers. They dont care if MoH or CoD is crap, aslong it cashes in :)
  12. Many of the best looking games have been multiplatform. Metro 2033 often looks as good or better than Crysis, and it was also released for the 360. If Metro 2033 was strictly a PC-exclusive game, many would be praising it as "proof" that exclusive PC games are vastly superior, but the fact is that it wasn't a PC exclusive.

    I'm on board with you guys regarding many developers half-assing things regarding the PC version, especially when the PC version doesn't look that much better and requires a massive amount of power to run properly due to awful optimization, but I still think they can make good PC games even when they are multiplatform. I do want some PC exclusive games as well, such as StarCraft II, but it's not always a disaster to include console ports.

    DICE seems to be doing a pretty decent job with their PC games. Most of their games have a decent top end. Mirror's Edge is still gorgeous even now. Bad Company 2 looked much better than the console version. Battlefield 3 looks like the most compelling reason to upgrade your gaming rig in my view. I was also impressed with the PC version of Mass Effect 2 regarding the fantastic optimization. Sure, it certainly doesn't push the envelope, but at least runs as smooth as butter for most halfway decent PCs.
  13. Where do I celebrate the dumbing down of games? I simply acknowledge things have changed as gaming has grown in popularity. Somethings are better, some are worse.

    I can't say it suits me that things are this way but it's hardly unusual. Joe Public hardly flocks to see art house cinema or listens to avant garde music. This is all to do with popular tastes rather than anything intrinsically related to consoles.

    The argument that consoles are the reason to blame is about as fucking dumb as blaming iTunes store for Justin Bieber.
  14. Because it suits my hidden agenda. I did contemplate cutting the swears as it seemed rather demented but this phone annoys me when editing so I just went with it.
  15. Metro 2033 on the 360 looks nowhere close to how the PC version looks, its not even a comparison. Facr Cry 1 and 2 got released on consoles aswel, but especially FC1 was still 'proof' of how much ahead the pc was.

    BC2, and the like, they arent bad, but they could have been much better, they pale in comparison to what BF2 ever was. We will have to see if BF3 will be a true pc game, i doubt it.
  16. If the console kids wouldnt buy half-assed games like the new CoD, we might had seen better games perhaps. So yes, it is thx to the consoles, cause the audience there accepts everything thats crappy, mainly cause theire used to it. We pc gameres werent.
  17. I'm not going to repeat myself, if you're having trouble with simple concepts of markets then that's your problem. Referring to stuff like console kids reveals you to be a simple, almost autistic fanboy of the worst kind.

    If you need me to dumb things down for you then you're going to have to identify where you're failing to understand simple ideas.
  18. They buy it for the online, which is quite good. Obviously not as magnificent as your 64 guys in one match, but for console only owners it is.
  19. Just like pointed out before here in this topic, the reason you get so mad and using bad language reveals you to be a simple console troll.

    Talking about dumb, you celebrating the dumbing down of video games, thats dumb.
  20. Where do I celebrate the 'dumbing down' of gaming, you fuckwit?

    You troll because you don't counter any points made against yoy. You just repeat the same retarded fanboy shit all over the place. You're impossible to discuss anything with because you fail to counter any points that show your dumb thinking for what it is. There's no debate; you just repeat the same old crap again. Stop being so dumb and learn to discuss things like an adult.