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  1. Well I was gonna link some pics from my facebook but since they've changed the way you view pics on there I can't get the URL anymore so please delete this thread.

    How do you guys normally host pics that are on your pc?
  2. Photobucket usually my man.
  3. Cheers I'll have a looksee.
  4. [​IMG]

    I've got 2 years to save for one before they come out, wish me luck. :p
  5. you can easily fix that. the url for the old way should just look like this:

    the &set=a.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxx&theater should just be deleted from it.
  6. Toyota Tundra

    Dodge Challenger

    Nissan Leaf
  7. The point of this thread has been missed since I temporarily gave up on the idea. I wanted this thread to be the place to post pics you've taken of cars you've seen while out and about rather than simply pics of cars you like from the tinterwebs. I'll post a bunch tomorrow.
  8. But the thread title just says "cool cars", we're not mind readers.
  9. The first post explained all but I got rid of it as my source of getting my pics up seems to have been scuppered. I'm gonna check out this photobucket thingamy wotsit phisix mentioned. I suppose we can have two threads. This one can be for just pictures of cars you think are cool but cmdrmonkey will undoubtably think are shit or for fags :)
  10. You hoser. I'm going to report you.
  11. The title clearly says COOL cars.
  12. Cool is a matter of opinion. Lamborghini and Ferraris belong on posters owned by little kids.
  13. The Nissan leaf looks quite nice, I've never been into pickup trucks though.
  14. The leaf is cool for many reasons. The Challenger represent American muscle and that's the truck I will get eventually. Of course I hope my current one last me another 10 years.

    Another cool car.

    Dodge Charger police Edition

  15. I do love the Nissan GT-R. A worthy successor to the Skyline.


    Stealth supercar.