Cops shoot each other at DUI Checkpoint.

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  1. I would probably shit my pants and eat it if I stopped at this checkpoint.
    What stupid reason to die... I mean 17 isn't even really pedo.
  2. [quote author=supersonic]
    I would probably shit my pants and eat it if I stopped at this checkpoint.

    I lol'ed hard at this.

    17 is legal in many states. We need to do away with our archaic and confusing age of consent laws, and just make it 16 in the whole country. Fucking a 17 year old young woman is nothing to die over. I don't even consider that a real crime unless it wasn't consensual.
  3. Sounds like there was more to it.

  4. Are we sure they weren't just playing Chris Hansen and being overly melodramatic about the sex with a teenager thing?

    Sometimes I'd laugh at that show when they'd turn into total drama queens about a guy having sex with a 16 year old girl, when it was probably legal in the next state over.
  5. 16 is the age of consent here and it seems normal to be honest.

    I tell my wife that when we are 60 I am leaving her for a 16 year old. Women don't age well.
  6. I don't know. I'd bone Susan Sarandon, and she's my mother's age.
  7. [​IMG]

    Another day, another American cop incident.
  8. American cops are so bloodthirsty that when they can't find some random black guy to shoot, they just start shooting each other. ;D
  9. It probably seems that way to us considering were more than likely biologically hardwired to be attracted to women who possess traits suggesting they are fit to bear children.