Cortana invoke speaker to cease operation

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    Wow! I buy this speaker few months later of the launch day and pay just $100.00 i buy cuz is Harman Kardon and love the design, fits perfect in the living room sounds incredible great clean sound with great bass. Waiting the promising new features like Pandora and many more apps Microsoft decide to pull the plug again. Now i will have and ordinary blootooth speaker.

    For many of you don't know about what's inside :

    Link: Cortana service on the Harman Kardon Invoke (
  2. Smart speakers, TVs, cars, whatever, all have a short life. I generally try to avoid anything that is labeled smart unless I'm prepared to throw it away in a few years.
  3. Well is true what you said in my case i use everytime for music purposes .When i'm in my garage working with my car tunning,mechanics under the car etc... i just pronounce the name "Cortana play me this" and without go to touch a radio i got music.,best use for using this type of speaker.
  4. Cortana has a phone app. You might be able to still use it with the speaker through the phone. It wouldn't be as convenient of course.
  5. the smart stuff usually isn't that bad if you get a popular one so it would be unlikely they'd shut down services.

    but here you have Microsoft's Cortana which a ton of Windows users don't even use or even realize it exists
  6. I use Alexa for hands free in the car and it sucks. Maybe it's because of the way it's tied in to the Amazon ecosystem. I always wondered if Cortana was any good.
  7. Not knowing the specifics of your case but it might suck due to ambient noise in your vehicle. Kinda hard to hear voice commands ya know?

    We use Alexa at home. Almost all lights and electronics are tied to it. We can view security cameras, adjust tv volume, play whatever on Pandora, quick internet searches to settle arguments, timers, turn up the heat, turn on ac, start the damn dishwasher... we are living that connected and voice controlled life. Yes, it’s funny when you get to yelling at her because she broke and some hub needs a reset. But it works and works well for our purposes.

    I suspect Cortana is not being continued because no one uses Microsoft consumer electronics beyond the Xbox gamer. It’s not a smart technology is doa problem. It’s a nobody uses Microsoft outside of office problem. Amazon and Google wouldn’t be updating their speaker and screen models if people weren’t buying and using.

  8. You can command Cortana and appoinment and alarm connect only with I Heart radio ,Spotify (only premiun services) and Tune in Radio.
    hands free while you work at home
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    ....And finally Cortana Invoke is over
    Now i have a simple bluetooth speaker.

  10. Smart Technology = Disposable technology. Planned obsolescence is part of the design. The right to repair movement may actually lead to an increase in software obsolescence. The Hardware could last forever, but what's a consumer going to do when a company simply stops supporting the software? *cries in Zune*
  11. in related news, google discontinued the Home Max speaker a few months ago and apple discontinued the homepod yesterday
  12. Maybe like 3 to 6 Christmases ago. I setup a voice based home automation kit using Alexa, Logitech Harmony, and a few gadgets. It was fucking amazing to play with. By New Years, I was bored with it and was only a trivial time saver. Returned it all and got out of the smart speaker game.
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    As i know Cortana and Alexa have are very relative ,was discussed in another forums(architecture).
    Cortana invoke have an mini usb and is "possible" to reprogramming..

    I found this, Amazon Dot pairs with Invoke speaker

    I spread the voice on Instructables page : Yours for the making - Instructables