Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bfun, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. I have one Beta Key to gift if anyone wants it.

    While we're at it I also have HL2 and HL2E1 gifts if anyone wants them.
  2. I'll take it.
  3. You got it.

    In some ways the game is similar to Source but the updated graphics actually make it harder to spot people. I'd say it was more complex. I'm not sure if I will like it or not.
  4. Any thoughts? It's not bad but I don't think it's all that special. What makes it uniquely Counter Strike? It feels like a smaller version of BF3 or maybe a COD clone.
  5. Been really busy lately so I haven't even installed it. I'll give it a go this weekend. The videos I've seen look more like a Call of Duty game which isn't very reassuring. I hope they're not going in that direction.