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    Was lukewarm on it when it first came out. But Valve has overhauled it to where I now like it more than Counter-Strike:Source. The weapons feel great, and they overhauled the hitbox system. It now feels more like a legit Counter-Strike game and less like a Call of Duty clone. The weapons feel less nerfed than in Source and CS1.6. I'd actually say that they feel more like earlier versions of Counter-Strike from way back in the day. The popularity of it has also come back. 8 million unique players a month, and 700K or more people playing at any given time. I've been playing since 2001 and I've never seen Counter-Strike this popular or active. I think the casino/auction house aspect of it may have helped. I'm totally indifferent to custom sprayed guns, so I've already made money for my steam wallet selling stuff.

    A word to old players, most people don't play on custom servers that you find through the server browser like in the old days. It's all about the casual and competitive matchmaking servers you find through the "find a game" matchmaking system, which are a totally separate thing. But those matchmaking servers work very well and get you into a well populated game with at least 20 people playing in about 5 seconds with a map rotation of your chosing. I actually find it a lot faster to jump into a game now and start playing than in earlier versions of Counter-Strike, where you had to hunt for a server with lots of people playing, but that still had a few empty slots that were actual player slots and not spectator slots. That's all done for you now automatically.

    The character models have changed. That was one of the biggest changes that I immediately noticed. Now each level has a theme, with different terrorist and counter-terrorist groups that correspond to the map.

    Take Office for instance. The counter-terrorists are the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team and the terrorists are anarchists. Dust has Israeli paratrooper commandos fighting Arab terrorists. And so on for each level. I actually think it's really cool that the levels now have themes for the models. Downside is you don't get to pick your model. Big upside is that it's really easy to tell your team from the enemy.

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is way more popular than CS:Source was at its peak. Take the player base for Source when it was in its prime and multiply that by about 3 of 4. Anyone taking a break from Counter-Strike should get back into it. It's never been as good or as popular as it is right now.


    IDF Commandos

    Seal Team 6

    The auction house aspect of it with rare guns and knives, crates, and opening crates that may have very valuable items or junk makes it way more addictive too, and it was already super addictive. Winning now means getting stuff you can sell to fill your steam wallet to buy other games. Some people get rare knives, which are worth about $300 in Steam wallet money.

    Using a Logitech G502 Proteus core. And I tend to prefer high sensitivity so I can turn quickly. I basically go with a sensitivity that's high enough that I can turn quickly, but low enough to shoot precisely. You have some crazy people who put it on the lowest setting and swing their arms around in huge motions, but I would imagine that's a fatiguing way to play. Or you have people like my brother who put the sensitivity super high, which is also fatiguing.

    I love being an asshole during the warm-up round. I camp by the enemy spawn point with an auto sniper and I can repeatedly take out the whole enemy team as they spawn and re-spawn. It's hilarious and they get so pissed off. I got the achievements for both auto-snipers using this method.

    My Kill/Death ratio is around 1:1. I'm still really rusty. I'm also not familiar with any of the maps from the Operation Bloodhound group, so I tend to die a lot on those because I don't really know the choke-points or what weapons to use where. Even some of the classic maps have had subtle changes.

    The weapons have also changed a lot. The MP7 for instance has a different feel than the MP5. It seems more accurate with better range. And the M4 is now two guns: the M4A4 with a 30 round magazine, and the M4A1-S with a silencer and a 20 round magazine. Autosnipers are also much better now. I really like the scoped SCAR-H. The changes took some getting use to.

    Source is dead because Global Offensive got overhauled to the point where it's a better game than Source, and the player base of Source has moved on to CS:GO. You can either whine like an old man about a dead game from 10 years ago, or jump into a version of Counter-Strike that currently has a bigger player base than World of Warcraft, and is the most popular, most played version of Counter-Strike yet.

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