Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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  1. Valve will be releasing a new version of Counter-Strike next year to replace CS:Source. It's amazing that CS is still relevant more than a decade later, and now people on the 360 and PS3 will finally get to experience the greatest online shooter of all time.

  2. Yeah it will be interesting. I still hear people complaining about how much they hate Source compared to the original CS so I imagine there will be a lot of gripe with Global offensive. My only request is that they make it hack proof.

    By the way. I spend a lot of CS time at They only play one map. De_highschool. I use the PVC clan tag.
  3. I'll have to join you some time. I still play occasionally.
  4. They need to implement iron sights. They can't though because all the fangirls will have a cry.
  5. What is this? Call of Duty? Iron sites suck. :p
  6. Seriously. Although I wouldn't mind some of the assault rifles having scopes. The M4 actually had a scope in the early versions of CS. They removed it because crybabies said it made the game unbalanced.

    I'd also like to see some more modern guns like the G36 and MP7 make an appearance. Small arms have changed a lot in the last 12 years due to the war on terror.
  7. Ts have the best guns by far. AK beats the M4. Uzi beats the auto 9mm POS. The triple shot pistol is also better than the silenced Glock and dualies doesn’t even have a CT equivalent. M4 wins on some maps where the silencer comes in handy but that’s pretty rare. Despite all that I still play CT about 90% of the time.
  8. No kidding. The AK is easily the best gun in the game.
  9. It's like a no scope AWP without the 1 shot kills. It's even better than the Auto-Snipe POS.
  10. You're ham & cheese on CS, right? You suck really bad. We should have a PVCF clan skirmish. The last time I played they gayed up the game real good with all this Call of Duty wannabe faggotry.
  11. Now I'm PVC HamndCheese

    Should I change the clan name to -PVC- or =PVC= or something else like that?
  12. 8===D~~PVC HamndCheese
  13. Your l337 ascii skills just blew up the internet!
  14. I noticed that some servers now have throwing knives. It looks a bit weird.
  15. I like what they've done. I was worried it would go all Call of Duty but it's just an upgrade to the same game.

    Game Play

  16. The weapon and character models look a lot better.

    They finally put the action on the right side on the guns. That always annoyed me about CS.
  17. Looks like L4D2. Definitely a decent update. I'd like to give it a go for sure.
  18. So gave I gave it another go. It does seem improved from my initial impression but I also hadn't played in a few years. The classic maps look good with the newer graphics. The weapons are completely different so there is a bit of a learning curve. According to Steam I have 960 hours on Source and I know it more than that because I played long before the counted hours. I'm not sure yet how much I'll play GO but it's a nice game to play when you only got 15 minutes.
  19. The M4 and the AK aren't as powerful or as accurate as they once were. The M4 is now two weapons: a standard version and a silenced version with a smaller magazine. You can switch between them in the inventory depending on your preferences. The AK in Source had a first shot that was as accurate as any sniper rifle. It doesn't seem to be quite so accurate now. The MP7 is much better than the MP5 from older versions of CS. It's far more accurate and I get a lot of kills with it at close and medium range. I think I actually like it more than the P90, and it's cheaper. Overall, I'd say the guns seem more well-rounded. It doesn't seem to emphasize certain guns as much as Source, where if you picked anything other than a Deagle, P90, AK, M4, or AWP, you were probably making a poor choice. Nearly all of the guns in GO are decent in some way.

    I was mostly an AK guy in CS Source. Even if I was playing CT I would usually drop my M4 and pick up an AK. Now I use more of a variety of weapons. Even the autosnipers and scoped assault rifles (AUG, SG 552/3) are pretty decent now. They weren't that great in Source.

    I thought I'd be bothered more by the maps usually being 10 vs 10, but I'm not really. A lot of Source servers had way too many people playing for the maps they were running. 64 players on something like Office was about the stupidest thing ever, especially when you would have 20 people on a team all buying AWPs. I always thought around 20-30 players was right for most CS maps.
  20. I hadn't played on AWP enabled servers in years. I think the matches are much better without them and scout kills are so much more satisfying. Silence M4 was always my weapon of choice so it's nice to see it's still good. Given a choice I play Counter Terrorist 100% of the time because I like the silencer. I noticed foot steps aren't as noticeable in GO which is a little disappointing. Sound in general doesn't seem as useful as it was in Source.