Cowon S9

Discussion in 'Technology' started by CaptainScarlet, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. I just see this new MP3 player and think you will like it., for the people that think that Ipod is the last coke of the desert i present COWON S9 ...(55hours audio,11 hours video.)

    Looks very reliable and is very compact pocket friendly with very good details and nice technology inside. :) ;) :lol: :cool:
  2. I considered getting a Cowon S9. The battery life is amazing although slightly less than what they say. The first gen was really buggy but that might be all fixed now.
  3. I own the Cowon S9. But at this point you'd better get the newer models.
    Cowon is the best in audio quality. I have that one with a pair of Ultimate Ears SuperFi4's.

    The only thing which the iPod does better is the UI. Although I am using custom UI's for it which makes it look a lot better. There are a lot of good ones around. Currently I use Flow which makes a scrollable albumart thingy. Take a look at