Crysis 2 Sucks Balls

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by cmdrmonkey, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. I played about 20 minutes of it, and so far this game is fucking horrible on the PC. Low res textures, mouse lag, tiny FOV, consolized controls, checkpoint saving instead of being able to save anywhere, motion blur and lighting tricks to hide the ugly graphics, only three graphics settings. I'm playing on hardcore at 1680x1050. Forget the original Crysis. This game looks worse than games from circa 2005-2006. I think the original FarCry looked better. Never mind the huge outdoor sandbox environments in the first game. Everything is now in tiny corridors with arrows pointing to what you have to do. There's non-stop danger music playing in the background even when nothing particularly menacing is happening. You might as well just call this Call of Duty: Nanosuit Edition. Everything that made the first game great is gone.

    I'm glad I downloaded this first. Crytek doesn't deserve any of my money for this piece of trash.
  2. I heard the first hour or so isn't the best but it gets much better. Might be worth sticking with.
  3. I already deleted it. Games that bad aren't worth my time.
  4. You are confronted with a consolized game, i understand your dissapointed feelings.
    Games like this were the reason for me to create the Consolized topic.
  5. It's not even just that it's a multiplatform game. It's that they put almost no effort into porting the PC version over from the consoles. In fact, it's one of the most poorly done ports I've played. The controls don't even work well. There's input lag and they pretty much expect you to use a 360 controller. Having to use a console controller would be fine if this were a beat em' up like Batman AA or Assassin's Creed, but it's a fucking FPS.

    This might actually be a decent game on the consoles, but on the PC it's a disaster.
  6. For the console gamers, they have never seen a game looking good like this one. The map sizes, fov, controls, the small sized maps, limited MP, its all the ultimate game for the consoles.

    Gonna play the game tonight and delete aftwards, just to try, thats all.
  7. With a metacritic score of 87 currently (360 version), seems a bit of a stretch to call it the ultimate console game. You have problems with using basic numbers too?
  8. I have no problems with just reading reviews, you do am sure.
  9. Metacritic is the average of review scores, you dumbass. If it was the ultimate console game it would be scoring better than 87 on average. Are you trying to create an uber retard forum persona? Good job so far.
  10. The bit I played had pretty weak gameplay. I've played better console shooters than this before. It's like Crytek turned Crysis into a bad Call of Duty knockoff, because they thought that's what would sell.
  11. And they were right. Even people who hate it are buying it like you and hellripper. That's got to be a win in their eyes.
  12. Where did i say i bought it :)
    This consolized game isnt even worth it. But for console gamers, its their best looking game.
  13. Learn how to read. I said in the first post that I downloaded it.
  14. Looks like I'm not alone. Here's what one of the editors at HardOCP thought of it:

  15. I am confused. How did a PC game sequel get made for consoles instead of the original game system?
  16. Caveat Yerli, the guy who runs Crytek, is a huge crybaby. He wasn't content with the original game selling 3 million copies, despite being a single player game with insane system requirements, and thought he could sell more on consoles.

    It's a stupid idea really. This is not a game franchise console gamers know or care about. Most of them never played the original game.
  17. I had made a topic called 'Consolization', remember? Monsly and some others hardly denied that fact, but heres the truth, what happens to a great game like Crysis, and Far Cry.

    That HardOcp article confirms this, just like most other reviewers and people did.
  18. Yes, I know that, but they could have made Crysis 2 on the PC first then ported it to consoles. This in turn pleasing both parties.
  19. That would have been the best approach. It would have made PC gamers happy, and maybe a few console gamers would have tried the game. But instead what we have is a game that doesn't really appeal to anyone, even though it seems to be aiming for broad appeal.

    That's actually how Battlefield 3 is being developed, since DICE recognizes that Battlefield is mainly a PC franchise. It will be designed for the PC and then ported to the consoles.
  20. I don't think you can blame this on the consoles. This is Crytek being a lazy, stupid, and greedy developer. I doubt this game will even sell very well on the consoles.