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  1. My computer at work runs on Windows XP and I'd like to really make it my own, I seem to only really be able to change the colour scheme on the XP theme between three colours, blue, olive green and silver, I'm using silver now. Is there any way I can really customise how it looks without having to resort to the windows classic format?

    Also I'm looking for a bunch of awesome looking hd wallpapers for my screensaver and one great one for the desktop background, the only trouble is my screen is in portrait orientation (since I have to look at mostly A4 documents in the same orientation). Does anyone know where I can find some awesome portrait wallpapers? I googled it but it came up with wallpapers that were portraits of people, not what I was looking for.

    I'm looking for wallpapers that feature either beautiful landscapes or spacey, futuristic vistas.
  2. Do you have full admin rights on the box? You can install appications that allow you to really change things up but I couldn't name any as I don't use them.

    As for backgrounds I googled desktop background portrait and came up with a few sites such as..
  3. Here you go n00b:

    Try not to break anything.
  4. Thanks guys.
  5. So I downloaded this .wba file but I need windowblinds to use it. There's a free trial but it says after the 30 days are up the program will stop working, does this mean that if I used the program to activate the skin I downloaded, after 30 days my theme will return to normal? If so that's a bit gay, you can buy the full version but I'm not spending $20 just to change the theme on my desktop.