Cyberpunk 2077

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  1. Here is a 48 minute walk through of Cyberpunk 2077. It looks about as good as the E3 trailer.

  2. It looks like a Deus Ex game. The last Deus Ex was pretty mediocre. Maybe this will be better.
  3. Both trailers for the game have set the bar pretty high. Its going to be tough to meet their own expectations in the final product. I'm completely sold on the atmosphere though.
  4. Keanu

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  5. It's got a 91 on Metacritic. From what I've read it still needs some patching so I'm going to wait a few month before I get it.
  6. It seems okay. Reviews are a little mixed. People are saying its buggy. I'm fine waiting until it's cheap to get it.
  7. it's because of our age group now lol. bunch of patient old men
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  8. The first patch is apparently only 43 GB so it must be minor adjustments.

    Time to start rearranging my storage.
  9. We’ve become the gaming equivalent of old men who go to stores and restaurants at weird times and use the senior discount and a bunch of coupons

  10. 1/2 price Pizza on Monday
    1/2 price Burritos on Tuesday
    Chinese on Sunday just because.

  11. I don't think that even addresses all of the bugs. I generally don't like playing unfinished games. I might play a crappy buggy game, but it has to be a finished crappy buggy game.
  12. I felt that in my soul.

  13. When is this supposed to be coming to the PS5?

    Think I'll wait a bit for it aswell so they can iron out the problems.

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    I'm definitely getting a Fallout crossed with Deus Ex vibe from what little I've played so far, but this has a lot more depth and much better action-oriented controls. I think I have just enough power with a 2700x and RTX 2080 Super to run it with somewhat decent settings at 1440p. I'm using the lower level ray tracing setting with DLSS, and it's not a slide show. The performance could vary by location, though. I haven't experienced any of the massive bugs I've seen in videos yet, but the tuning could use some work, particularly in vehicles. Driving always feels too light and loose. The characters and settings have been pretty good so far. I think I'm going to be getting more than my money's worth for the $40 I paid for it in August in a CD Keys sale.

    I noticed that CAS is in the settings for AMD cards, but I obviously have no way of testing that out.
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    It seems poorly optimized. I was watching a video of someone playing it on a 1070 at 1080p. It would run at around 45fps on ultra and around 65fps on low. So only a 20fps difference turning the settings all the way down. Definitely some weird stuff going on with it.

    At 4K on ultra settings even the 3090 only averages 46.7fps according to Toms Hardware. This game needed more time in development. They rushed it out for the holidays. Something is very wrong when a $1500 state of the art video card is struggling.
  16. Damn. This game is a disaster on the consoles. Framerates in the 20s on the PS4.

  17. I think it's more like the game wasn't completely finished than poor optimization. A few key settings kill a lot more frames than others; I turned those down to medium with the rest mostly at high. It's kind of like Crysis was in 2007. I don't think anything currently available can completely tame it. This game should have not been made for current generation hardware. It's not powerful enough. It's going to need a lot of post-release updates. On PC an RTX card is unfortunately a borderline necessity for DLSS.
  18. no platform can handle the keanu reeves
  19. I think it took almost a year for the Witcher 3 to get it's performance patches to maintain 30 fps on consoles. And 4 years after that it was running on the Nintendo Switch.
  20. Didn't it also have really crappy performance initially on the 780 type cards that later got fixed? It was a long time ago. Having trouble remembering.