Dark Souls 2

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  1. A cinematic trailer has been revealed


    Let us hope this stands for the challenge. Can't wait to see the actual gameplay.
  2. Seeing as it is Dark Souls 2 I wonder if unlike Demon's souls it is set in the same world? Maybe one of the other areas that are mentioned in the game.

    Can't wait for this.
  3. Possible controversy for series fans?

  4. Doesn't sound good. The trailer contains a glimpse of that "individuality" - women, flowers, feathers. Things that are just opposites of the essence of the series.
  5. Gameplay video. 8)

  6. The trailer looked very promising. It did not look like they've dumbed it down for the masses, which has been a persistent fear for me for every Souls game.

    I'm curious to know if they are going to have better settings for the PC version. I kinda wish this was going to be released on the next generation hardware, but I can't complain much if I'm getting a new game in this terrific series.
  7. It seems that you can have more than 2 weapons assigned to each hand which will save a bit of time as they showed at least 3 on each hand. Like the torch mechanic.

    Looking good and this is probably top of my anticipated games list.
  8. The lighting engine has been dramatically improved compared to previous games. Their use of light, shadow, and also wind were very noticeable.
  9. If they do dumb it down then they need to add a higher difficulty for us players who like a challenge.
  10. I don't think they will dumb it down, just maybe make the start of the game easier. They did that with DS, the first part of the game up to Sen's is now a lot easier since it has been patched. You get way more souls and so can be a much higher level, the Capra Demon isn't even a challenge anymore. He could one hit me when I first played, now you can beat him without any real effort.
  11. i remember frist gameplay demos from Dark Souls I saw also suggested that the game is easy. I remember they sowed the boar from the Undead Parish and the round stairs from Duke Archives (of course I was not aware of actual names of these places).

    When I actually got there, it was not as easy. My thought was that they just got an experienced character with good gear.

    The same applies here probably.

    The lighting subsystem looks great and this makes me belive the presentation was run on a pc. This is also a subtle suggestion on what we would miss if we play on current gen consoles.
  12. I dunno, Japanese devs seem to dislike PC, if their ports are anything to judge by.
  13. They have actually come out and said the PC port was half assed. The days of PC gaming is dwindling..
  14. It has alot more to do with the days of Japanese devs dwindling. Hell, I'm surprised this game even got a PC port.
  15. A PC port was not planned. Fans started a petition, and FROM agreed to port it. They were very clear ahead of release that they are not PC developers and planned to release a simple port without the higher end settings PC gamers are accustomed to seeing. They did throw in some free content, however.