Dark Souls: Demon Souls Sequel

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  1. Great news!

    The sequel to Demon Souls has finally come to light. The story will have no connection to Demon Souls though.

  2. I've always wanted to play Demon Soul's, but I never could justify buying a PS3 JUST for that. So I am relieved that this game (which will hopefully share its predecessors game play) is coming to a platform I actually own. Plus I like open ended areas, so that is another bonus.

    Now we just wait for ASK to come and see this, I am sure he'll be ecstatic.
  3. I just ordered the first one so I can finish it before this one comes out.
  4. You are missing out on a great game, Armitage. A game where it actually has a high difficulty unlike most games out there. Playing on your own is harder than co-op play, but it just as fun and it is doable. I did most of my first play-through on my own.
  5. There's an announcement trailer out, don't know if anyone's seen it. Colour me impressed, looks pretty cool:

  6. I also read that it will make Dark Souls better than every aspect of Demon Souls, and also the difficulty. Great news. So expect even harder and bigger bosses, a longer game and hopefully more open ended.
  7. Dark Souls is definitely a follow-up to Demon's Souls. It looks just like Demon's Souls in a wide variety of ways. They can't actually call it a Demon's Souls game because Sony helped produce the original game. It looks like they've even kept the phantom co-op system intact. I really hope there are still invasions. That really helps keep the tension high. I'm definitely going to buy this one.
  8. Good. I loved when I got attacked by one and I had two players with me. Meat Cleaver and they died. I loved the Meat Cleaver. I hope they bring it back.
  9. I was pretty handy with the Dragon Bone Smasher and pole arms weapons like the Mirdan Hammer or Halberd. The Sharp War Scythe was among the most overlooked weapons in the game. It was a 2-handed pole arm weapon that also caused bleeding and gradual depletion of health, which really freaked out newbies. They would sometimes start rolling around frantically not knowing what to do. :lol: I had multiple types of Uchigatanas with various effects as well.
  10. I never really used any Polearms. At the end I think I used the Meat Cleaver or That Blueblood sword or whatever it was called.
  11. Update!

    Here is a Q & A with Dark Souls developer Hidetaka Miyazaki from 1up.com.

  12. New screenshots out. They look amazing!

  13. They look like Wii shots, must be a PC port.
  14. A new E3 story trailer has appeared.


    Looks like more of the same which in this case isn't a bad thing. AKS will be happy.
  15. New E3 video.


    Looks very much like they have kept to the same formula as the first game.

    They have added bon fires as recovery points, that will be handy but is it making the game too easy?
  16. Indeed. Hopefully they add a difficulty setting then.
  17. "Hard" is the only difficulty setting needed.
  18. I'm pretty excited about this one. I recognized so much from Demon's Souls, even some of the sound effects. The animation looks really good. I took some time to watch a demo walkthrough. The game looked very good, but I couldn't help but laugh at how unskilled the guy playing was. I'm weary of this checkpoint business, but everything else looked great.

    BTW, I think I got a glimpse of a War Scythe; I really hope it's in there because I loved that weapon.
  19. PS3 version is going to have to be done. Playing on 360 will feel weird. Guaranteed the Xbots will cry at the difficultly as the Demon souls veterans like me and AKS blaze through it. ;)
  20. That was also my impression. He surely has been disabled, I only have no idea if manually or rather mentally. It's been a torture to watch that :lol: