Dead Space 2

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Sonu, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Y'all planning to pick this one up?

    IGN gave it a 9...

    I started playing Dead Space 1 again...I'm on the final level by the looks of it...

    Really impressed with it...the level load screen/in-game menus are just soo awesome...probably the best I've seen in any game yet!

    Here's hoping Part 2 will be twice as good!
  2. I enjoyed the first game. I liked the storyline, art direction, and creepy atmosphere. I'll probably pick up Deadspace 2 on Steam as a weekend or holiday deal at some point. It looks good, but I'm not dying (bad pun) to play it.
  3. Was planning to start with it today, have the PC version aswell. Its the best version. This game needs great graphics.
    Sure gonna play DS2 aswell.
  4. I'll wait for a good price on steam I think. I really hope the controls are better this time around.
  5. Use a gamepad, game seems to fit fine on them.
  6. I bought the PS3 version because it had some pack-in goodies and I was not happy about no PC demo and the shoddy job they did with the PC port of Dead Space 1.

    As with the original Dead Space, I'll buy the PS3 version first and later pick up the PC version on a Steam special after the price has dropped.
  7. Have played abit Dead Space 2 on PC. Man this game is really good, its better then DS1, and it doesnt have any of the issues from DS1 (mouse problem etc).

    Game runs great @ 2560x1600/vsync on, everything maxed. The sfeer is great, and things really scare you, just when you think nothing is gonna happen, something happens right infront of you, makes you jump :D

    Sound is very good too, especially with a 5.1 system, this game comes to its right.
  8. I wonder why they didn't give us a PC demo. That didn't give me a lot of confidence in this version given their sloppy job with DS1.
  9. Yea had my thoughts too, cause with DS1 you needed to alter some settings to get it smooth. Now its just install and it works right away. No isues.
    Seems to run fine on mediocore systems @ highest settings.
  10. The first game had issues with vsync. It was on and at 30FPS by default. You had to turn it off in the game and turn it back on in the ati or nvidia control panel at 60FPS along with triple buffering.
  11. Sounds great! I'll be picking this up on PC then. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Yea no problem :D Might you have any questions, fire away :p
  13. The lighting system is really nice, took a screen when i came past this, this is a moment where you think something is gonna happen but doesnt :D

  14. It really made a HUGE difference by turning off vsync ingame and force it via nvidia CP/tripple buffering indeed. Solid constant 60fps @ 2560x1600 everything maxed.
  15. Ars Technica talks about how the story in the Dead Space games is an attack on Scientology. I picked up on it a bit in the first game, but I guess it's more obvious in Dead Space 2.
  16. Most gamers wouldnt notice this anyway :)
  17. I don't know about that. People love to rip on Scientology, and it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the creepy new age religion in the first game.