Design a PVC Logo

Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by Ichiban, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Time to get the creative juices flowing.....

    Anyone care to design a logo? Whatever style takes your fancy but, that said, it does kinda have to fit into the uber-swish site I'm setting up now so as modern as possible.

    Post your ideas/designs if you can be bothered (because I certainly can't :) )

    Two categories.

    Site Logo - For the website front end.

    Forum Logo - For...the forum.

    I'm sure there are some expert photoshoppers in the refugees
  2. Hawk will probably be the best bet, unless his Photoshop skills have dwindled such as mine.
  3. I can use paint :)
  4. What do you want in the logo? Give out the colours you're using and a reference image of the swishness and I'll see if I can rustle something up.
  5. We need a logo that defines what the website and forums are all about. Maybe a fist with a Gamecube strapped to it?
  6. I'd like see how swish this new website it.
  7. How about someone getting smacked in the face with a Gamecube.
  8. simple idea but how about a console or consoles facing off agains a pc or pcs? Too easy?
  9. Then that defeats the purpose of us being PCvsConsoles.

    Maybe we should just keep the foot...
  10. Give me a sec to tidy this up. It's a little messy; then I can post the fledgling link which I'll keep active for a bit but I'll have to take it down eventually. At the very least you'll see what you need to get the idea..

    Also, it's fully editable with CSS so we can pretty much pick a colour scheme of our choosing. Although I like the BlueBlack scheme.

    Keep an eye.
  11. You could just post a screenshot, to be honest. Saves a bit of effort. Blueblack? ... This sounds worrying...
  12. [​IMG]

    Might not really do it justice on here. It's a really nice template. Obviously the logo would go top left corner in the bar across the top.

    Got sections for news; rotating stuff, new posts....the lot.

    Thinking for each section the colour could change; green black for 360, red black for ps3, blue black for PC etc. It's all customisable anyway - we just need to pick something.
  13. What says pc vs console more than a picture of pcs vs consoles?
  14. Ichi, that looks awesome. And gives some people an idea of the flavour for the icon.
  15. Looks nice. I am a little concerned at how much black there is. Perhaps if the background was more evenly blue, or perhaps it has a texture, kinda like spider-man's suit has or the hexagonal pattern on the suits in Tron: Legacy. I'll investigate further.

    What size is the logobar?
  16. This is exactly why Microsoft PowerPoint exists! WordArt this mofo.
  17. Any of you old enough to remember PVC 2000? The famous Foot wasn't created until 2001 when PVC was redesigned. The original design wasn't minimalist, not for those days at least. It was dark but colorful, white text on black background and red to blue shaded textured border. The logo had two PC keyboard keys on the left, seven console pad buttons on the right, and a big VS in the middle.

    PVC 2000 - HTML/SSI
    PVC 2001 - The Foot, PHP/SQL
    PVC 2002 - The Forum
  18. Give me a day. I'll try to come up with something. I'm liking the Gamecube fist idea alot.
  19. Ichi, that is exactly the type of flashy layout I had in mind. Perfection. I cannot wait until we can start filling this bad boy up.