Destiny, new Bungie IP, finally unveiled, sort of

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    Sounds like a Guild Wars FPS for consoles.
  2. Certainly sounds like it has potential, with some interesting questions in terms of the timing of it's release per new consoles. Could it possibly launch on both generations of hardware within a controlled time window? Seems like the type of game that console manufacturers would absolutely love to have at launch, but then the social side of the game seems to demand a more established user base for best results. It could also make people think twice about buying new hardware if it lived up to Bungie's goals for immersiveness and new experiences each time you play.
  3. I don't like any of these vidocs. All I hear from developers in videos like these is "Blah blah totally innovative, blah blah unique, blah blah no one's ever done this before, blah blah our imagination is the limit, blah blah we're so excited" etc etc. They don't really actually tell you anything, they just hype the game up because it's just a masisvely over produced advert. I'm interested in this game but I'll level my interest with what I see of the game, not the puffed up words of the people who made it.
  4. Yes, it is a form of advertising/promotion, but they do provide some general details about what to expect that weren't really known before. It's actually got more info in it than watching a teaser trailer.
  5. From the PS4 announcement, sounds like Destiny will indeed launch on next gen platforms at the same time as current gen.
  6. So I heard this is the first of 3 games. The last one will come out in 2019.
  7. they need to make a cooking simulator or something cuz any action/ adventure will just sound like another Halo to me
  8. people have been saying this alot lately and it really boggles my mind. by that logic, something like.. mass effect is just another halo too. the only thing similar with destiny and halo is it being a sci-fi shooter.
  9. Destiny interests me more than Halo already.
  10. aren't you more of a single player type of person? Destiny is going to be heavily invested in the online aspect
  11. Yeah that's too bad if it's online. Companies can make a great game but then f-up on the multiplayer component. Maybe it's just me but multiplayer games aren't as much fun as they used to be.
  12. I like both mate. I have had some great times with online type games such as WoW and playing Resident Evil 5 online via Co-op.
  13. If I understand the article khaid linked to correctly, Bungie is saying that you'll still run across other human players even if you're in SP story mode. Not sure what that will really amount to, but they're saying those players will be "inhabiting and effecting" the same world you're playing story mode in. Interesting idea, at least.
  14. That sounds intriguing but it could mean anything. The Secret World has a really good single player story but it's still a group MMO at heart. At some point the story line gets impossible to continue unless you get help from other players. Now if it's like Day Z that would be a good thing. Day Z is a good example of a sandbox MMO where players can affect the world and interaction is possible but teamwork is not required. I'm hoping Elder Scrolls online is like that.
  15. My guess is that Bungie is essentially recording the activity of prior players, and then mixing a few of them into the environment of your own game as if they're NPCs, i.e., a form of ghosting that adds some variety to your experience instead of being limited to programmed NPC behavior.
  16. It looks like Halo, minus the teletubby enemies. I'm not seeing what's so original about this.
  17. read through the article. the gameplay is not the same. it's a persistent world so when you stop playing at one point and then jump back in the game the next time, things in the game change. if anything, it's like i said before, much more comparable to mass effect. you have character progression in this game and you can travel the solar system. they mentioned it'll be sandbox style gameplay.

    on top of this, it looks like they topped what gearbox tried to do with borderlands. borderlands has an awesome online system that works well. players can join and drop whenever they please. in the first borderlands, they had an arena where you and your other players can go to (in game) and do some competitive gameplay. destiny looks to have all of this in a persistent world also with an mmo type lobby system so you can do this with randoms too.

    i'm not exactly sure how they'll be implementing the player character encounters though. i assume there will be instances/zones where you'll hit where you can see everyone else that's not in your group.
  18. So basically seeing other online people like Demon/Dark souls but more then just seeing they're ghosts? Could be interesting if it does not ruin the main story of the game.
  19. I've not played demon/dark souls so i can't say yes/no. but i think even if i did, bungie still hasn't gave examples or anything yet. i imagine it'll be somewhat similar to wow's phasing system if you played up to at least wrath of the lich king.

    here's what is mentioned in the article in other moments

    So it gives you an idea what they're trying to do.
  20. Sounds like a MMO with FPS gun fights for its battle system. Something different I guess.