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  1. So I've managed to acquire 6 exotic weapons through engrams and bounties. Really annoying I can only use one at a time.
  2. Yeah man. It sucks so hard and I can't see the reasoning behind it other than to allow us to use multiples exotics later and call it a free update or some shit new feature.

    I'm a Titan
    I've got: The Helm Of Inmost Light - Bought from Xur
    Suros Regime Auto Rifle - Bought from Xur
    Invective Shotgun - Bounty Reward

    And I've got the bounty for Thorn, an exotic hand cannon (I love hand cannons) and I've had the bounty for Pocket Infinity (fusion rifle) for over a week now. I'm just stuck on the part where I have to dismantle 10 rare or higher quality fusion rifles. I've dismantled 6 so far, it's hard to find them with a stupid RNG loot system. But since you can only have 1 exotic weapon equipped at a time I'm gonna have to retain my legendary hand cannon and fusion rifle. I think I'll sign up to the clan right now, Fat Panda Squad is it?

    The cool thing about the shotgun Invective is that while it only holds 4 shells it is full auto. So you can run up to a knight with a yellow health bar on a level 24 strike and own him in 3 seconds, provided you can keep the damn thing down. Kicks like a mule. Also there's an upgrade that allows it to slowly regen ammo. I've steered clear of shotguns in Destiny because I didn't really like them much (plus the fusion rifle is the shit). But this shotgun is my new special of choice. Plus it does solar damage, which is nice.

    Here it is in action on a solo level 28 daily mission.
  3. I've currently got:
    Suros Regime (engram)
    Universal Remote (engram)
    Bad Juju (bounty)
    Invective (bounty)
    Thunderlord (engram)
    Truth (engram)
    Sunbreaker gauntlets (Xur)

    Trying to level bad juju at the moment but it's slow going.
  4. I only have 4 pieces of kit that are purple at the moment but even getting those leveled is a pain due to all the ascendant stuff I need, its a real pain of a system.

    I think the reason they only let you equip one exotic each side is due to the amount of effort required to max level a legendary item. No one would bother going through all of that effort if they knew they would replace it all with exotics.
  5. I really hope they make many more higher tiered gear sets later on down the road. Having the best gear possible less than a month from launch is unacceptable. I always need something to aim for.
  6. The odd thing is that all of the purple gear caps out at the same max stat no matter what it is, it is just the perks and upgrades that change. Eventually they must look to increase this otherwise top level players will always have the same armour rating.
  7. You think Max levelling a legendary is bad, exotics take twice as long.
  8. Bit annoyed that the first time I could get an exotic it wasn't a helmet that was any good for me.

    Have to wait a week now.
  9. I need to do a higher level weekly strike to build up my coins. I have 19 and hope to get something decent next week. I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait for Suros Regime to appear again.
  10. I got the invective bounty again so I need a weekly event to finish it.
  11. I saw a Titan helmet being sold by Xur for 13 strange coins last night. I only had 9 so I couldn't afford. But I've been looking for another exotic armour piece since my exotic helmet kind of forces me to play as the striker Titan because of the perks. So I bought an exotic helmet engram from him last night for 23 motes of light. It was for a Warlock. So I bought another one and this time it was the helmet I mentioned earlier that I couldn't buy, so it's all good. Plus this one has benefits for the defender Titan so it worked out in the end.
  12. If you could share items, we could solve that problem easily. You could give the Warlock helmet to me, freeing up your precious inventory space for the gear you need.
  13. I got a warlock helmet from the engram he sold, which was lucky. Most of my rewards from leveling up vanguard have been for different classes.

    I have a full set of legendary gear for a titan that I don't play...
  14. Think I found a DLC area. Closed door in cosmodrome but you can see behind it and its a full room and there is a red market on map.
  15. Yeah, probably was King's Watch. A few people have glitched into it and there are ghosts and enemies.
  16. I was invited to a fireteam of 6 last night, I knew two of the guys. We tackled the raid but failed. Three of us had finished it once before so they were able to carefully explain what everyone's roles were going to be. It felt just like that famous Leroy Jenkins video the way the ywere discussing tactics before jumping down to fight the first boss. They were complaining that it was much harder than it had been previously. It was pretty tough to be fair, hence we failed.
  17. Xur is seeking an exotic sniper rifle, icebreaker, this weekend. Meant to be awesome. Only holds 5 bullets but regenerates ammo over time. 17 strange coins.

    Shadow price seems to be roughly on par with the suros regime so I've switched to that whilst I level up this sniper.
  18. Any good armour?

    I need to make sure I get on and see him tonight as I am out all day tomorrow and he goes by Sunday.
  19. I forgot what the hunter had. Think it was gauntlets.

    Titan helmet: helm of inmost light.
    Hunter gauntlets: ?
    Warlock chest: voidfang vestments
    Icebreaker sniper rifle
    Exotic helm engram
  20. I need a good primary, I already have a purple sniper so at the moment the exotic armour is probably more sensible.

    The purple sniper doesn't hold me back as much as my blue primary does.