Deus Ex 4: Mankind Divided

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  1. Human Revolution was one of my favorite games last gen. Great to see there will be a sequel. Apparently Adam Jensen survived.

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    Adam Jensen is back to kill some illuminati scum. I'm hoping some of the content that was cut from the first game because they ran out of time makes it into this one.
  3. Big fan of the last game. They actual brought in neuroscience consultants to make sure their portrayal of future cybernetics were realistic.
  4. This looks awesome..

    I loved the look and feel of the previous game.
  5. Looks like it's going to support DirectX12 and team red.

  6. *roll eyes*

    I am not building two rigs...
  7. New trailer is out
  8. It's a bit hard to get a feel for the game through that trailer. I can't really tell if it's going to be like the last game or not.
  9. New more detailed trailer. Looks great. Lots of really cool looking augmentations and multiple ways to complete objectives.

  10. Looks very impressive. I'll definitely be buying this one.
  11. 11 more days. Anyone doing a pre-order for a discount?
  12. Yeah preordered on GMG.. looking forward to it :D
  13. I also preordered on GMG
  14. I'll probably preorder from them as well.
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    IGN: 9.2
    Gamespot: 8/10
    Giant Bomb: 4/5
    Arstechnica: buy it, buy the heck out of it

    Looks good. Glad I preordered. Hopefully there are no weird day 1 technical problems on the PC as I'd like to jump in and start playing right away.
  16. Jeepers these 1080P benchmarks are brutal. One report says a GTX 1080 at 1440p only averages 46fps. The game is supposed to look great but I gotta wonder if their is a issue or if we'll see a big day one patch.

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    The game runs fine at 1200p, getting around 60-70fps with all settings maxed, except textures which are at high and MSAA off. I'm experiencing some strange mouse lag though. Looks like this is a known issue and there's a patch coming. It feels like mouse acceleration is on, and the x and y axis have different sensitivities.
  18. No mouse lag but I've gotten a few bad frame dips and one crash. I have MSAA off for the moment and it seems to be a killer. I got 35.8 FPS in the benchmark and about 45fps in game play at ultra 1440p. The memory usage is crazy. 8.5GB of system memory and 7.5GB of Vram. The game looks nice but I'm not sure it looks nice enough for those kind of numbers. Arguably Metro Redux looked just as good and ran much better.

    Aside from that I'm enjoying the game.
  19. On the benchmark it was 27-35fps at 4K @ Ultra.. so going to have to tweak around to ensure I don't get a console like experience :p
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    Your stupid mouse patch is preventing me from playing. I have to patch before I can play but there is a problem downloading the patch from the server.

    EDIT: There is an odd work around for the patch issue. Change your download region to UK:London. Worked for me.