Developer predicts the death of console gaming

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by HellRipper, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. In contrary to the console snobs yelling that PC gaming will die, a developer screams console gaming will die out in the future.

    Looks like the consoles casual gaming focus is killing themselfs. Logical though, just look at the CoD series, what happened to them when they landed on the consoles.

  2. Umm. They went crazy, broke records and brought COD to the masses. That's what happened to them. Also the guy who said console gaming is "dying" is saying that in comparison to mobile gaming lmao! He says that Angry Birds had over 100 million downloads, maybe because it was free? I don't think they had over 100 million downloads of the non-free version. Consoles have never been stronger and they're definitely not dying. So there.
  3. Am not talking sales, am talking about the game itself.
  4. Anyone who thinks that console gaming is dying is not worth listening to.
  5. Same to the people who scream for allready decades that pc gaming is dying.

  6. For me the pinnacle of my PC gaming experience was the 'point & click' adventure era. Since then I have played some of the AAA titles but other than WoW nothing has grabbed my interest like some of those old games did. I could move from one 'point & click' PC game to the next but on the very rare occasion I do play a PC game now it seems like once it is finished there is nothing to move on to.

    Now I see very little that makes me want to jump back into the PC gaming world and seeing as I own both a PS3 & 360 there is no reason whatsoever for me to do so with cross platform stuff. The last game that tempted me was Cataclysm but I beat that addiction once and want to keep it that way.
  7. Nothing is going to die off. PC gaming was in a sad state about five or six years back, but Steam has revived it in a big way.

    Console gaming goes through rough patches too. Look at the early 80s, Sega going under, or how unsuccessful Nintendo was with the Gamecube. The original Xbox was also a flop when it launched. It got better later on.
  8. Home console gaming is cheaper than keeping up with PC gaming. That is a fact, so it will never die as it is cheaper to play that way then going PC gaming. Especially as console gaming must be more played than PC gaming. Neither will die and that is another fact.

    To HellRipper:

    I like how you defend the PC. I like it as it doesn't keep this forum console only. We just need fanboys for all systems and we will be rolling.
  9. I know neither will die, but its a strong contrast in comparison what ppl scream about PC gaming for many years. Hence the reason i posted this.

    And it might attract some google users in the future.
  10. No, that's a misconception. You can build a high-end gaming PC that can max any game for about $800. Seems like a lot until you realize how much cheaper the games are. We don't pay $60 for games. Even at launch they're only $40-50, and they very quickly drop to $20-30. And if you're patient and can wait for a Steam weekend or holiday sale, they're often under $15. You guys pay less for hardware, but we pay less for games. It balances out quickly if you buy a lot of games.

    I got Battlefield Bad Company 2 for $7 during a Steam sale. It's still almost full price on the consoles. In fact, during the last Steam holiday sale, I picked up 12 games for around $60. And not crappy games either. We're talking recent, highly rated games. If anything it's cheaper to be a PC gamer if you play a lot of games.
  11. Yeah, but you still have to upgrade once better games come out which need it. Then not everyone knows how to upgrade a PC so they just stick to console gaming.
  12. Lol 7$, thats just insane. Got it for 20 euros @ release and thats what i found cheap:p
  13. You dont need to upgrade for most games, you just have to settle back some settings and resolutions. And maybe bear with a lower FPS then 60.

    For example, an 8800GTX with an Quad Core and 4GB ram will run BC2 above console detail level with a nice resolution, with alteast 40/50 FPS. That system is from winter 2006. On the other hand, if you want Metro in full settings, youll have to upgrade, or put the system settings to lowest.

    On console, you dont have that choice, its on lowest (for Metro, as an example).
  14. I am one of these people that has always had all consoles from each generation. I only now now more into PCs, so now I have everything at my fingertips for gaming.
  15. That's only true if you don't mention accessories :) Oh boy are they a killer now.
  16. Expensive on PC too, a G9x and a G19 is really nice to have...
  17. Most of my PC is made up of hardware from January of 2007, so not as often as you're thinking. The only thing I've upgraded was the video card, and that was after almost four years. I'm still able to max out most games. Even Metro 2033, Crysis, and BFBC2 run really well on my PC on high settings at 1680x1050.

    I think people look at forums full of hardware fetishists who always have to have the latest and greatest and get the wrong idea about PC gaming. I only do a major overhaul of my PC every five years or so. The lifespan is about the same as a console.
  18. If you can run that game @ high, says alot about the fact a pc from jan 2007 is still good with a GPU upgrade.