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  1. Finally finished Dexter. I think it took me about a year to complete but I don't really remember when I started it. Over I'd say it's in my top 5 favorite TV shows of all time. Here's how I rank the seasons.

    1. Season 2: The Bay Harbor Butcher
    2. Season 1: The Ice Truck Killer
    3. Season 7: Isaak Sirko
    4. Season 8: The Brain Surgeon
    5. Season 5: Barrel Girl Gang
    6. Season 4: Trinity
    7. Season 3: The Skinner
    8. Season 6: The Doomsday Killers

    I thought 1,2, and 7 were the best. Despite being the furthest from traditional Dexter I also like season 8. I know everyone loved season 4 but I got tired of the whole marriage thing.

    I did enjoy the final but like many I didn't really care for the last 6 minutes. It came out of left field and wasn't really supported by any back plot. Perhaps the writers wanted a way to bring him back in the future.

  2. I agree with you. Loved the first 2 seasons... lost interest afterwards Season 3 was so boring. During original air, I loved S7, it seemed like they were going 'back to formula' after a long hiatus. It gave me hope Dexter would go out with a bang in S8, but it was more a whimper...
  3. I don't really see how someone can rank the season with Trinity so low. He was probably the best villain Dexter faced on the show.
  4. Still need to finish off the rest of season 6 at some point. I have forgot about it for quite a while now.

    Season 4 so low though? Nah.
  5. Yes I know everyone loved Season 4. I got tired of the little house in the suburbs and Dexter learning about family values from another serial killer. I was glad when Rita died because Dexter could get back to being Dexter.
  6. Finally finished the last two seasons after watching other things. really enjoyed this show but the last ever episode was such a bullshit. Season 8 was not as bad as everyone made out but that last episode was meh.
  7. So will this be about his adventures as a lumberjack?
  8. Made possible by Game of Thrones Season 8