Do you do the Nog?

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  1. Eggnog is always polarizing. Love or hate it? I love it but I've been drinking Soy Eggnog which is much healthier. I call it SNOG.
  2. I uh... might try that (yeah rite). I enjoy the vanilla variety (vanilla/ cinimon is good) but the plain and pumpkin ones get old quick. I can drink vanilla nog by the gallon! The regular stuff starts tasting nasty after one sip... the good kind of nasty though :D the kind you go back to. Still I can't down it nearly as fast without vanilla for some reason.
  3. We don't really get it over here so can't comment.
  4. How unfortunate. It's the ultimate holiday drink and only 350 calories a cup.

  5. I like egg nog, but I usually dilute it with milk. Otherwise it's too thick.

    It's not something I'd go out of my way to get ahold of, but if it's there at a Christmas party I'll usually drink it.
  6. It's only 350 cals cuz the rest comes out your ass in either rancid farts or toxic poop logs.

    But rancid farts is half the fun!!
  7. Mixing alcohol with dairy is usually a pretty bad idea. Egg nog is a good example. It's the kind of thing that tastes good going down but always makes you feel like shit later.
  8. Soy milk gives men tits if you drink it all the avoid soy..and more to the point avoid Soy Eggnog :|
  9. Correction: mixing rum with anything is usually a pretty bad idea. Rum = hangover every time.
  10. So what's in eggnog anyway? Eggs and rum?
  11. it's egg and nog, you special needs child.
  12. eggs
    heavy whipping cream
    whole milk
  13. Sounds quite nice actually.
  14. It tastes good, but add rum to it and you'll be puking in a gutter somewhere later.
  15. oh yeah and nobody wants protein in their egg nog! that's bleamin healthy crap.
  16. Alton Brown is quite literally the anal retentive chef from SNL.

    He can take the simplest recipes and make them ridiculously complicated.