Do you preorder?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bfun, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. What are your thoughts on preordering games? I used to think it was a silly idea but then came the "exclusive content" specific to certain retailers. To be honest that never really matter much to me but now some retailers are providing big discounts for preorders. So far I've only done a preorder for 2 games and I got lucky because they were both great games that I wanted to play right away. Now I'm seeing 25% off Fallout 4 preorders and and I'm wondering if I can get lucky again or if I'd get a Batman turd.
  2. I've yet to bother pre-ordering; mainly because I wait to see what deals come along so I get the game cheaper. The exclusive DLC can be tempting but it often ends up available to buy later from my experience.
  3. When the game is really good, I'll pre-order it. Right now, I've got Gears of War Ultimate Edition on pre-order. I'm picking that up next week. Can't wait either. 8)
  4. Preordering is only for faggots.
  5. For me it has to be a game that I know I want to play as soon as it's released and even then it would have to be at a large discount.
  6. It also works as a nice way to pay off games, that you know won't drop in price anytime soon. I doubt very seriously that GoWUE will be on sale anytime soon.
  7. Depends on the game and if it is worth the full price. MGS5 being an example of being a yes.
  8. I want a freaking dragon statue and I'll preorder your game