Do you think the government will shut down?

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  1. Who thinks the US government will shut down on Friday? I do.
  2. What on EARTH do you mean?
  3. Government shut down. End of the world and stuff. You probably wont hear about it until it happens. Over here it's big news. The two party government can't agree on a budget and they have until Friday night to figure it out or shut down. We are already on continuing resolution and it might happen again for another week but most people think it wont. 800,000 people will be temporarily laid off and non-emergency non-critical services will shut down.
  4. Really? I've not heard a bean about it; seen more on Portugal today. Hmmm, probably nothing'll happen I reckon, they'll find some sort of compromise no doubt.
  5. People who live paycheck to paycheck have reason to be worried. Hopefully it wouldn't last more than a few days.
  6. Just read this has happened before in modern times. How much is shut down when it happens?
  7. I think it's like 2/3s the federal government. It's difficult to say what all will be shut down but it's mostly a lot of non-visible supportive services. forest service, farm service, agricultural research, IRS. I think food inspectors will still work because it's a safety thing but their support service wont. The military wont get their checks either but they will get paid eventually.
  8. Of course the GOP is going to force a shutdown...that's basically going to happen anytime they control the House and the President is a Democrat. They're screwed in terms of public perception though. Democrats already agreed to the $33 billion dollars in cuts, so now the GOP just looks like they're moving the goalposts around for reasons the majority of the public isn't going to feel strongly about.

    My only worry is that they really ARE sociopaths and don't care what happens to the rest of the country. They like to play sociopaths on TV, but are they REALLY sociopaths? Time will tell.
  9. What a bunch of crybaby assholes. The republicans are going to shut down the government to get their way? Eh, figures.
  10. It's not even a financial issue anymore. The GOP is trying to kill funding for Planned Parenthood and get rid of environment restriction on energy plants. It doesn't seem fair to let them shut the government down for issues not everyone agrees on. This has nothing to do with the budget.
  11. You are not the world.
  12. For America it would be though.
  13. We are the world
    We are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day
    So let's start giving
  14. Bullshit. I 30% drop in housing prices in the USA brought about a GLOBAL recession.

    We owned your asses good.
  15. Armadeadn probably just hates the US cuz he got called an Australian by an American in the past.
  16. Technically he is Australian. The English migrated from Australia on an ice bridge during the last ice age. They ate all their kangaroos on the way and that's why they have similar accents but no kangaroos.
  17. Aussies actually do eat kangaroo meat. No joke.

    It doesn't look too bad. I'd try it.
  18. Except Kangaroo are technically vermin...not a chance I'd go near that or Crocodile which they also eat supposedly.. I am reminded of Pulp Fiction: "Sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie but i wouldn't know 'cos I wouldn't eat the filthy motherfucker"..

    And really? Australians have accents like the English. Sometimes I forget that the majority of Americans are exposed to Mary Poppins style Cockney accents. Where I come from, even English people find the accent up here a bit tough to follow:

  19. sorry all I hear is 'don't bother me I'm eating...'