Doctor Who - female lead

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  1. The new Doctor Who Is a woman. Whatever next a Jane bond. :/

  2. Is she hot? I might finally watch that garbage show.

    I saw an episode years ago about a time machine port-a-potty and Shakespeare. The whole thing insisted upon itself.
  3. Chris Chibnel brought Beth Latimer with him from Broadchurch.
  4. I vaguely remember watching Tom Baker on PBS as a kid and thinking Day of Our Lives or The Price is Right was more interesting. I'd probably enjoy it a lot more now that I'm older.
  5. Its's been shit since Tennent left.
  6. LOL turns out I was totally right. An attractive woman in the lead role made the show more tolerable.

    I watched 2 episodes which brings my total DW episode count to 2.5.

    Doctor Who seems like an even worse and even cheaper rip off of Joss Whedon's crappy shows.
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    She was on the Graham Norton show. It actually looked sort of watchable now. Maybe an attractive woman was what it needed. Like you said, Joss Whedon shows have had a similar kind of terribleness, but they always had super hot chicks on them.

    It still looked terrible though. I'm not sure why British people love this garbage show so much. It's been on the air for like 80 years.
  8. Now that's a good show. I've seen clips on YouTube and it's probably the best talk show format I've ever seen. I dunno if he's just a good actor but it seems genuine to me. Check out the Mark Whakburg clip if you haven't.

    The US talk shows hosts are so fake they make the Kardashians look like Emmy winning actors. The people from the UK always seem more genuine like Craig Fergeson or even James Cordon.
  9. Graham Norton has always had the best talk shows which are also always hilarious as well. Top legend is Graham unlike that hack Johnathan Ross.
  10. Yeah I love Graham Norton. I'm not really into talk shows but he's great.
  11. You should check out the episodes he is in on Father Ted as well hes hilarious in those.