Does anyone here vape?

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  1. I've used e-cigarettes in the past to try to replace smoking, but they always sucked and never stuck. I'm recently attempting to get back into it now that the vaporizers are more advanced. Anyone here use e-cigs or vaporizers?
  2. Nope. Use to smoke but stopped. If you want to quit, I'm happy to advise. Everyone I know who tried vaping to quit has just ended up addicted to e-cigs. I suppose that's a bit better but I'm not so sure it's that great.
  3. I have a colleague at work that does, he seems to use it as much as he would a real cig but I think he is only in it for the money saving so doesn't care if he uses it forever.

    My mum started to but then broke her ankle 3 days later quite badly so ended up immobile for a couple of months. As a result she stopped smoking all together as she didn't like to smoke in the house and couldn't get out to get refills etc. My uncle also stopped from 40 a day when he had heart surgery.

    The moral of the story, break something or go into hospital, it seems to work best.
  4. My boss does. He says nobody can smell it but everybody can smell it.
  5. The chap at work uses a chocolate favourite one, it smells like hot chocolate.
  6. You should probably start again. You're really cranky these days
  7. Im not looking to quit, just to replace the smoking. I would love to quit, but at this point in my life, the level of stress would make it impossible. So quitting for the future, replacement for the present.
  8. I usually just try a disposable V2 since I'm to lazy to figure out how a refillable cartridge worked. Also, I dabble with smoking (hookah, cigar, e-cig) once a month or 2x at most. I prefer to eat brownies or cookies of the greener variety and not smoke at all. Can these things handle that, if I turn it to oil or butter?
  9. There are atomizers designed specifically for that. There are even ones that dry vape, which would save you the work of making oil. I don't know how well they work though.
  10. V2s taste awful. If you want the taste of a cigarette, NJOYs are the closest. If you are looking for good flavor, Blu disposables have come a long way in recent years. Nothing compares to an actual vape kit though.
  11. It's still nicotine, and nicotine is still horrible for you. Just quit.
  12. Actually, nicotine itself isn't harmful in low doses. It's everything else in cigarettes that are dangerous.
  13. It's terrible for the cardiovascular system. With the smokeless cigarettes you've eliminated lung cancer, but you're still risking heart attack, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease.
  14. Ok, monsly, you've peaked my curiosity. What's your expert way to quitting smoking?
  15. Cocaine

    /In all seriousness. My observation is that people tend to replace one addiction with another. As long as it's a net positive gain on your health, there is probably nothing wrong with that. If you become an Iran man athlete as your stress release that would be ideal. Perhaps a small glass of wine instead of smoking. Coke would probably be counterproductive on second thought.
  16. lots of iranian athletes to help you out.
  17. @hawk: I quit pretty easily. I think the key to it is realising quitting it isn't actually as tough as is made out. I think a lot of the smoking industry and the quitting industry like to build it up when, in actual fact, it's not too bad at all. Once you realise that, it's straightforward to do. I'd say the worst time is the first 3-4 days but then it just gets easier.

    To go along with this, I'd say you also need to think a bit about why you smoke. When I thought about my cigarette consumption, probably 25% was stress, 70% habit and 5% pleasure. After quitting, I realised the stress didn't get worse and that the cigarettes hadn't really helped me. The main smoking I did as a habit was not missed at all. The enjoyable cigarettes were, funnily enough, the only ones I missed but I got over that after a couple of weeks. Looking back now, I do regret smoking but I'm pleased I quit.

    As a father myself, I'm very glad I gave up. I don't want my child to smoke so I feel I should set an example too. It's nice not to stink of smoke and the cash difference is noticeable. I was spending roughly $200 a month smoking and that adds up. Maybe smoking is cheaper in the US but it's still money better spent elsewhere.

    I'm sure you can quit if you decide to. If I can, anyone can. I'm not a massively strong willed person. Just watch out for replacing it with other addictions - I've had friends drift to social wine drinking when quitting and that can soon add up. Good luck with it all.
  18. Holy shitballs, I thought this would remain secret forever on here, at least we don't have to refer to the child as the lodger anymore.
  19. He always told me it was a cat called Fred
  20. @grim: you kept your child under your hat for a good while - I just followed your lead.