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  1. Sorry if there's already a thread for this, I didn't see one.

    Who else is buying this day one? My intro to Doom was when I got my PS1 on Christmas 1996. We got 5 games with it and the first one we played was Doom. Coming from a Mega Drive to the PS1 version of Doom I was fucking blown away. I loved Doom 3 but never completed it. Doom 3 holds the distinction of being one of only 3 scary games that legitimately terrified me.

    Anyway Doom is out on the 16th of May 2016 and I can't wait. The footage shown so far makes the game look brutal as fuck, and also really fast paced. Reminds me of Quake III in many ways. Can't wait to tear through demons with a chainsaw like it's some sort of first person Gears of War.

    Not to mention the game looks beautiful.

    Campaign Trailer

    Gameplay Trailer

    Brutal and visceral, exactly how I like my Doom.
  2. I first played DOOM in 1995 on a Pentium 90 mhz. That was a pretty mind blowing experience at the time.

    The huge number of enemies and frantic pace in the videos reminds of DOOM II, which is good because I still think it's the best game in the series. I'm not sure if I'll buy this day one, but I'll definitely be getting it at some point.
  3. I really enjoyed the original Doom games because they were so hectic. The PS1 had a really atmospheric sound track; we set up a few link up sessions on that and they were great.

    Doom 3 did fuck all for me. Really didn't like the switch to slower, scarier and goriness. Just felt quite dull to play.

    This one has me split - like the fact it seems quite quick and has quite a few enemies at once. The gore seems way too over the top and juvenile though so that's a bit off putting for me.
  4. All of the DOOM games have had over the top gore. That's nothing new.
  5. To an extent. There's waaaay more visceral gore in that trailer than the originals. I don't think that'll really add much to the game and will probably detract in gameplay terms. I don't mind the bodies blowing up and so on but the foot stomps and up close deaths look like they'd get old quick. Still, I'm sure some teens will probably like it.
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    If they could have pulled off this level of gore with the originals, I'm sure they would have done it. And the originals were very gory. It just wasn't possible with 1990s graphics. You sound like one of the church ladies who was bitching back in the day about the gore in DOOM and how these games were going to turn kids towards satanism.




    Looks like the same damn thing, just with modern graphics. You sound like an old man.

    I mean even the cover of the game tells you it's not going to be about rainbows, and happy feelings, and cute puppies.

  7. You lot are kids, I was playing doom way back in 94 on my friends 486 running DOS. IDDQD and IDKFA for the win!

    22 years ago :(
  8. @cmdr: No shit. My problem is the juvenile over long kill animations and their impact on gameplay. Maybe if I had the attention span of 12 year old then I'd look forward to seeing them repeatedly. But that's not going to happen because I'm not an idiot. They could have done lots of overlong animated kills in the original Doom too but they didn't because they weren't idiots. Maybe the real game won't as bad as that trailer for it. We shall see.
  9. Overlong kill animation do get old after awhile especially in a fast pace game.
  10. To me it looks like an optional 'finishing move' on already weakened enemies. Also the animation doesn't seem too long, it gives you a split second break from the action in a semi-rails shooter.
  11. The original Doom had a sense of humor combined with the gore, and it looks like they're trying to recapture some of least from what I can see in the trailer. It wasn't really a game that took itself seriously all the time.
  12. Optional is fine but a split second that happens 1000 times can get old.
  13. GTX 980 SLI gets beaten by a single 7970? wtf?
  14. possibly some driver issues. it's almost always driver issues with sli/xfire
  15. It's the ID Tech Engine. Doesn't seem to support dual GPUs and it favors AMD.

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    Game blows goats. There's nothing DOOM about it. They made a Halo/Call of Duty clone. It just feels so generic and boring.

    Maybe the campaign will redeem it, but the multiplayer is terrible.

    The graphics aren't even good. I'm playing maxed out and the game looks like it's from 2007.
  17. Yes, because doom is renowned for having a great campaign.
  18. DOOM games have always been primarily about the campaign. The first two predate online mutliplayer being much of a thing.
  19. Doom was always the better single player campaign. Quake for multiplayer.