Dr Dre Has Muscles

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Phisix, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. In Eminem's new song video: I need a Doctor. Dr Dre finally returns from wherever he went, but this time he is now built like a power house. He looks weird to me, I prefer his fat chubby look.

  2. Mid life crisis much? Maybe he's trying to be the "new" 50 lol.
  3. Could also just be that he's getting older and wants to take better care of his body. He's getting into his late 40s.
  4. Bahaha, I wouldn't consider trying to be fit as a mid life crysis.
  5. He does look alot more stacked now, but when is he supposed to have been fat/chubby?

  6. He might just be trying to stay fit. Or he might be trying to look good and feel all young and stuff.
  7. Which one is Vanilla Ice?
  8. Have you hit 30 yet? That's when all of your skin starts sagging if you don't work out.
  9. Dr. Dre is standing on top of Vanilla Ice's lifeless body. That's why he appears taller than the rest.
  10. But I thought Vanilla Ice sang about shells hitting the pavement?
  11. How can shells hit the pavement when Sally is selling the sea shells down by the sea shore?
  12. The picture is not big, but you can clearly see he was a big chubby. it may be his clothes, but in his last later years of rapping he was not skinny.

  13. He just has a big build, wouldn't say he's ever been chubby.

    The new look does look a little try hard and 50cent-ish. Who cares though, the guy is quite a bit older now and it's good that he is in good shape. Of course, I think I'd prefer it if he spent more time making music than hitting the gym... we might have even got this album last decade!
  14. I think Fusion is right. He didn't always look like he was hardcore bodybuilding, but that's about it.


  15. So in his later "big build" years you think he was all toned and slim underneath? At least a bit of chub here and there I would say,
  16. People who are naturally chubby/fat are going to look like that in their old photos. Looks to me like he gained a normal amount of weight vs. the early years (like most people tend to do) and then later got stacked by serious bodybuilding.
  17. I guess. I need to stack up myself, but nothing like dre has.