Dragon Age: Inquisition

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bfun, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Release date is Nov. 8 in North America and Nov. 21 in Europe.

    Here is some video of the environment. IMO not as exciting as Elder Scrolls but it still looks nice.

  2. Quite a bit of variety to the locales, and it has an interesting blend of realism and cel shade-ish graphics. I'm leaning towards getting this one, but I also have interest in Lords of the Fallen and Shadows of Mordor. In terms of the overall gameplay style though, this one is probably more to my taste for the fantasy genre.
  3. If there had been a recent KOTOR or Mass Effect I could put it off until it's a lot cheaper. But since this is the first decent group combat RPG to appear in a long time it will have to fill the hole in my heart.

    The graphics do look a little odd to me sometimes. I think you nailed it. Realism mixed with cell shading. It creates a weird sense of depth. It's like every scene is on a stage with a canvas backdrop.