Driver: San Francisco

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  1. I loved the first two Driver games a whole lot, despite the horrendus graphics. Driver 3 was a total let down but Driver Parallel Lines was pretty enjoyable. I'm not sure what to expect from this new one. The gameplay sounds odd to be honest. Tanner can now "shift" from one car to another at will, apparently this is not unlimited and you must refill the shift by doing jumps and powerslides etc. The ability to get out of the car has been removed but the awesome film director from earlier games makes a welcome return, I loved editing my replays in the first two games and I'll enjoy it again.

    For the first time in the series the game features real cars as demonstrated in this new trailer:

    I didn't know the game was going to be released so soon, better keep an eye on this one.
  2. Here's the new single player trailer.

    I'm starting to want this game now :)
  3. Looks interesting.
  4. It's random that they've got Jericho as the villain, although he said my favourite Driver quote in Driver 2.

    Jump to 8:25 for the quote.
  5. What is this, the pg version?? lol it's like they're shooting blanks lol
  6. It was on the PS1 so maybe they didn't have the power (or finances) to work blood splatter into the game.

    "It's alright, I'm gonna shoot you in the head" lol. I'm not sure why that's always stuck with me. I remember some random stuff, I can still remember the blood code for Mortal Kombat and the level select cheats for Sonic 1, 2 and 3. Maybe because I did them so many times :)
  7. I remember the money code from sim city, buddamus... you can't relate that to ANYTHING, just shows you how many times I did it lol. And how many times my brothers asked me 'what was that code again??' I was the keeper of the code.
  8. It's not that bad. It's spent 4 years in development though and the main "feature" of the game was invented by accident by someone playing around. The recreation of San Francisco is absolutely fantastic though.
  9. Here's a video showing the shift feature in detail.

    On paper it looks crap but actually seeing it in action makes me think otherwise.
  10. It's kind of annoying that they put so much effort into advertising the Shift feature of the game. Sure it's a core component but they are focusing solely on the Single Player stuff; MP is going to be where this game gets its fans. If you've ever played Midtown Madness 3 (a game made by DICE for PC and XBOX) you'll have an idea of how this will play.
  11. I had a demo of one of the Midtown Madness games back in the day, I enjoyed playing it but don't think it's fair to assume MP is where Driver will get it's fans. I'm a fan and am looking forward to playing this one regardless of the multiplayer, as long as they have decent story missions I think this game will do fine.
  12. I think it's fair to assume. Not much replay value in Single Player but tonnes of fun in Multiplayer.
  13. We shall see.
  14. I don't need to see..I've seen..I know....
  15. Here we go then. A video of some multiplayer niceness. I didn't know how (or if) they would include the shift feature into multiplayer but apparently it's in there. I'm getting more excited about this game the more I see of it.

  16. A demo is coming featuring three missions. The trailer says September 6th, it doesn't say if this is the release date for the game or the demo though.

  17. I want this game now!

  18. That looks pretty darn good.
  19. I'm just about to play the demo. I'll report in a bit.
  20. I've just finished the 3 missions you get with the demo.

    1. Learn to use shift.
    2. Win a race using two cars making sure you get 1st AND 2nd place.
    3. Get from A to B while evading the cops.

    It's a strange, the cars slide in an odd way, it's easy yet hard. I'm sure after a few more tries I'll be zipping in and out of traffic like a pro. The shift feature is a little hard to wrap your head around but I'm sure it'll be awesome once I'm used to it.