Drunken Stories

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Phisix, May 27, 2011.

  1. We all have weird, wonderful or bad story's about our selfs as we jump from drunk to the point beyond. Share them here in this thread?
  2. My friend and I got drunk and decided to walk through the McDonald's drive through at 3AM. He started antagonizing these black gangster looking guys in the car in front of us and I thought we were going to get shot. We ordered 20 chicken sandwiches and I peed on the side of the building while we were waiting. People were honking and shouting at us. On the way back to his house he took a bite out of one of the sandwiches and then got angry and manic about something and chucked the bag into the canal. Then he seemed to regret it and jumped in the canal after the sandwiches. Keep in mind that the canal was alligator infested. He was completely soaked and for some reason we decided to go into his house the back way. Except there was no back way so I kicked in part of the fence in his backyard. We both passed out when we got inside the house and I guess his fiancee couldn't figure out why he was covered with mud and holding a bag of chicken sandwiches.
  3. After consuming some brew, a couple of idiots I knew through a friend in the military used their sound judgment and decided apply the training acquired from prior military service for a little night ops surprise attack on a newly hired civilian they disliked at a huge postal depot, where they all worked. It involved donning black ops getup, scaling walls, and a surprise tackle and pin from behind. It's a miracle these two jackasses didn't get sued or put in jail. I think this poor guy was too afriad of them to report them. These guys really resented anyone hired who wasn't prior military, and they obviously had creative ways of tormenting them.
  4. Wow, after reading AKS' story.. military dudes can still function at 100% after getting drunk.. scaling walls? only drunk pros do such antics.
  5. I don't mean that they were falling down drunk. I think they thought about doing it before drinking, but having some brews pushed them over the edge. And given what they did, they certainly weren't at 100% cognitively.