Ducktales Remaster

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Any of you remember playing the quality Ducktales for the NES?(Ahh memories) well they have remastered it.
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    DuckTales is for fags.
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    You shut your dirty whore mouth!
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    DuckTails was one of the best games on the NES (along with it's sequal).

    I don't think Cmdrmonkey had any kind of childhood.
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    I was raised with Sega, not Nintendo so I don't get all the fuss about this remastered game from a very average cartoon show.
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    Monkey and Arma missing out on great childhoods shocker. I on the other hand grew up with all Sega and Nintendo consoles.
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    Back in the day they actually made proper games out of cartoon licenses and DuckTails 1 + 2 were 2 of the best platformers of the generation.
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    Quackshot. <3
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    Why are the British people calling this ducktails?
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    Did not realize that. ;D
  11. Quackshot was bastard hard - never got past the end island. Never played Duck Tales but I heard was meant to be brilliant.
  12. Both amazing games, but Quackshot is king. Getting to the end boss was a bastard but the Knight went down. Sadly they will never remaster Quackshot. :(
  13. Average? It was awesome!
  14. No Nintendo and now dissing one of the best cartoons when we were growing up. Damn man you messed up and had a crap childhood.


    There is your childhood in Scrooges fingers.


    So you make him disappointed.
  15. Let's all go for a dive in the money bin!
  16. Quackshot can go shove it in its hole.
  17. I would not recommend it...


  18. Personally DuskTales > Quackshot. Quackshot was a little slow and that is why it losses out for me.
  19. You would change your mind if Donald had a pogo stick!!

    Plungers> All
  20. @phisix, I loved the game, I just couldn't ever complete it.